Recreation to Tourist Attractions in Southwest Aceh

Tourism Places in Southwest Aceh” –” Hearing the name Aceh maybe what immediately comes to your mind is beach tourism that stretches out and the natural scenery is very stunning.

This is true because Aceh does have a tourist charm that is already very popular not only in Indonesia but also abroad.

In addition, the uniqueness and local wisdom of the Acehnese people also make tourists who come to Aceh feel comfortable and at home. Of the several areas in Aceh, there is one that has the best tourist attractions, namely Southwest Aceh Regency or often abbreviated as Abdya.

Tourist attractions in Southwest Aceh are guaranteed to amaze you because each one offers a uniqueness that may not be found in other areas.

Before visiting Southwest Aceh, you should know that Abdya has a district capital named Blangpidie.

The Abdya area is an area consisting of a cluster of cool mountains and a hill line that stretches across the island of Sumatra.

Tourist Places in Southwest Aceh

You can imagine how the atmosphere in the Abdya area will surely allow you to enjoy the true beauty of nature. For those of you who are curious about the beauty of tourist attractions in Southwest Aceh, the following will provide a list of information for you.

-1. Beautiful Cemara Beach-

Beautiful Cemara Beach via Mercinews

The first tourist spot in Southwest Aceh is Cemara Indah Beach. This beach has white sand and is beautiful.

Even tourists will also be spoiled by the existence of a recreational park that can be used as a place to travel with their beloved family.

Usually Cemara Indah Beach is visited by many tourists from the Aceh region and outside Aceh who want to enjoy the beauty of unspoiled beaches.

However, this tourist spot is still in the process of developing facilities for the convenience of visitors. For now, some of the facilities that are available include food stalls, park benches, shelter halls, sports fields, children’s games and so on.

With these conditions, it is not surprising that this beach is increasingly visited by tourists, especially during holidays.

-2. Hijab Beach-

Hijab Beach via Kluetrayanews

The name Jilbab Beach may indeed sound unique to those who have just heard it. This beach is located in Palak Kerambil Village, Susoh District, Southwest Aceh.

To go to Jilbab Beach, you don’t need to worry because the access road to this beach is quite easy and can be reached in just 15 minutes from the capital of Southwest Aceh.

Maybe some of you are curious about why it is called the Hijab Beach. It turns out that the name Jilbab beach was taken because every female visitor who comes to this beach must wear a headscarf in accordance with applicable Islamic law.

Behind its unique name and rules, it turns out that this beach also offers a very beautiful view with clean sand and wide stretches. In addition, from this beach you can see views of the island of Gosong and the Indian Ocean which is definitely very pleasing to the eye.

To enjoy the beautiful scenery on this beach, there are rows of huts that can be used as a place for tourists to rest. When the afternoon arrives, tourists can enjoy the beauty of the exotic sunset.

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-3. New Krueng Baths-

Putroe Ijoe Baths

Krueng Baru baths are located in Lembah Sabil District, which is about 27 kilometers from Southwest Aceh. To go to these tourist attractions it takes about 40 minutes by land.

Krueng Baru baths are natural baths in the form of a very beautiful river decorated with rocks with very clear river water.

This bathing place also has facilities in the form of a cafe and a resting place that can be used by tourists. By offering beautiful natural scenery, you also don’t need to spend a lot of money to enter this bath.

Simply by paying IDR 5,000 per person and parking fee of IDR 2,000, you can enjoy various beauties and facilities at Krueng Baru Baths.

-4. Putroe Ijoe Baths-

This tourist spot in Southwest Aceh offers baths with beautiful views and is also supported by a beautiful atmosphere.

Puroe Ijoe baths are located in Alue Seulaseh Village, Jumpa, Southwest Aceh or 7 kilometers from Blangpidie City.

When you arrive at this bathing area, you can feel a beautiful and natural atmosphere and there are also small rock pools combined with very cool air from the Putro Aloh Mountains.

No wonder this bathhouse is one of the prima donnas in Southwest Aceh. When you walk down the river, you will find an exotic pond located under the waterfall An was made to feel at home in Putroe Ijoe Baths to unwind.

-5. Seumancang Cave, Kuta Tinggi-

Seumancang Cave, Kuta Tinggi

This tourist spot is a cave located in Babah Lhung Village, Kutatinggi District, about 3.24 kilometers from the Regency Capital.

This cave is indeed very exotic because it displays the beautiful charm of stalactites and stalagmites that have never been touched and touched by ignorant handwriting.

Of course, this cave is perfect for nature lovers because Seumancang Kuta Tinggi Cave offers a very stunning view.

-6. Gosong Island-

Gosong Island via phinemo

In addition to beaches and caves, Southwest Aceh also has an island tour that is no less stunning, namely Pulau Gosong. This island is also a very popular tourist attraction in the Southwest Aceh area, which is precisely located in Susoh District or about 4 kilometers from Blangpidie.

To go to Gosong Island, sea transportation is needed, such as using a speed boat that departs from Banda Aceh City for a 7 hour trip.

When approaching Gosong Island, you can see the gradation of sea water decorated with coral that looks so clear because of the clear sea water. Gosong Island is a small island with white sand and blends with views of pine trees.

In addition, some coral reefs are also clearly visible and quite large in size. There are also beautiful, colorful fish that make it even more pleasing to the eye.

The beautiful underwater conditions make Gosong Island very suitable for snorkeling which is guaranteed to amaze you.

-7. Ujung Manggeng Beach-

Ujung Manggeng Beach

Ujung Manggeng Beach is a mainstay destination of Southwest Aceh which is always maintained for its beauty and beauty.

As one of the mainstay tours, this beach has gray sand but looks so harmonious with the panorama of pine trees around the beach.

In addition, there is an island of grass and coconut trees that are more pleasing to the eye. While at Ujung Manggeng Beach, you can also feel the cool breeze and the sea water which makes the beach atmosphere more comfortable.

For those of you who are curious about the beauty of Ujung Manggeng Beach, please come to the Prosperous Village, Manggeng, Southwest Aceh or about 18 kilometers from Blangpidie.

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-8. Ujung Manggeng Marine Park-

Ujung Manggeng Marine Park

Ujung Manggeng Marine Park is touted as one of the most beautiful tourist attractions in Southwest Aceh. Because this tourist spot has a green park on the beach. The location of this beach is in the village of Ujung Raja.

While in Ujung Manggeng Marine Park, you can enjoy a green and natural atmosphere that seems like a paradise for tourists.

With an area of about 3 hectares on the beach, it is not surprising that many tourists come to this tourist spot on weekdays or when holidays arrive.

-9. Ujong Ketapang Tourism Beach-

Ujong Ketapang Tourist Beach

Ujong Kepatang Beach is a very beautiful beach with white sand decoration and very stunning.

For those of you who want to enjoy the beauty of the sunset, this beach is the right location. Moreover, the calm twilight atmosphere makes the atmosphere on this beach so romantic.

-10. Krueng Babahrot-

Krueng Babahrot via FredoGraphy

Krueng Babahrot is a tourist spot that offers a beautiful river that extends and flows from the green mountains.

Kueng has clean and cool water so that when you cross the Krueng Babahrot long bridge, you can feel a beautiful natural panorama with a very beautiful atmosphere.

This tourist spot has an area of about 8.5 hectares and is also equipped with facilities that make visitors more comfortable, such as restaurants and canteens.

-11. Pusong Denial Beach-

Pusong Denial Beach

This beach is about 3 kilometers from Blangpidie City and facing the Indian Ocean. While on this beach you can feel the atmosphere is still very beautiful and clean.

In addition, clean beach sand and a slightly rough texture will certainly be a combination of stunning beauty.

Uniquely, the name Pusong beach was taken because of the location of the Indian Ocean, which is 1 kilometer from the shore, there is Gosong Island or abbreviated as Pusong.

Meanwhile, the name Denial is the name of the residential area where the beach is located. Besides being referred to as Pusong Beach, this beach is also known as Bali Beach because of the beauty of this beach which is no less stunning than the beaches in Bali.

Pusong Sangkalan Beach does have waves that are quite large and challenging so tourists usually surf on this beach.

In addition, the condition of the blue sea water makes the scenery in Bali beautifulThis antai is very beautiful and spoils the eye. Because of its location close to the harbor, you can see the view of the fishermen with the boats used to fish in the sea.

It will really be a mix of stunning marine natural scenery and maybe you rarely find in other coastal areas.

-12. Kuala Katung Beach-

Kuala Katung Beach

This beach is located in Ujung Serangga Village which provides various facilities for tourists ranging from cafes along the road and the location of the beach is also close to the fishing boat port for catching fish and loading and unloading goods from ships outside the area.

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-13. Driyen Payeh Swimming Pool-

Driyen Payeh Renang Swimming Pool

This tourist spot is indeed very suitable as a tourist destination with your beloved family. But there is no need to worry because the male and female pools are located separately so that they are in accordance with sharia.

With an affordable entrance ticket of around 10 thousand rupiah per person, you can enjoy exciting water games and various facilities for fun water rides to try. There is also a dressing room and bathroom to make visitors feel comfortable.

-14. Ujong Insect Marine Park-

Insect Ujong Marine Park

The tourist attractions of the Ujing Senggang Marine Park are located in Susoh District which presents marine tourism with stunning underwater natural offerings.

For those of you who like diving, the Ujong Insect Marine Park is the perfect location for diving and snorkeling.

With the price of admission to tourist attractions that are quite affordable, you can play around the beach of this marine park. However, to rent diving or snorkeling equipment there will be additional costs that you have to spend.

-15. God’s Old Marine Park-

God’s Old Marine Park

In addition to the Ujong Insect Marine Park, in Southwest Aceh there is still a marine park that is no less beautiful, namely the Tuha Lama Marine Park.

This marine park located in Batee District does offer a view of the sea with calm waves and is supported by clear sea water.

This condition makes the view of coral reefs visible from the surface so that it will make it easier for tourists to dive and snorkel. This marine park is also equipped with adequate facilities to make tourists more comfortable.

-16. Krueng Seumayam-

Krueng Seumayam

Krueng Seumayam tourist attractions are tourist attractions located in the highlands or hills. The condition of this area tends to have high rainfall even in the dry season.

However, the air condition in this tourist area is very fresh so it is very suitable to unwind. For those of you who are curious about this tourist spot, please visit without paying an entrance ticket.

But you should please participate in maintaining the cleanliness of tourist attractions and comply with applicable social norms.

-17. Teupin Batee Village-

This village was once affected by the devastating Aceh tsunami several years ago. But now Teupin Batee Village has turned into a beautiful and beautiful village.

In fact, this village has also become one of the tourist villages that is quite popular in the Southwest Aceh area. Although there are no five-star hotels in this area, tourists can stay at residents’ homes so that it will provide an unforgettable tourist sensation.

When visiting this village, tourists can enjoy rice fields and farms belonging to the local community so that it will provide an exciting tourist experience that is not found in urban areas.

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-18. Suak Udeung Beach-

Udeung Suak Beach

This tourist spot in Southwest Aceh is located in Gampong Alue Rambot and can be visited for free by tourists.

Initially this area was a dense settlement but was eventually abandoned after the 2004 tsunami disaster. No wonder the condition of this beach is very quiet with makeshift facilities.

Even so, this beach offers very beautiful natural scenery so it is suitable to fill your vacation time.

-19. Old Young Beach-

Old and Young Beach via Acehtrend

The last tourist spot in Southwest Aceh that we recommend is the old young beach which is located in the Kuala Batee sub-district.

This beautiful and charming beach is very exciting for you to make as a vacation spot with your beloved family. To get to this beach it only takes about 20 to 30 minutes drive from Blangpidie City.

The beach that has pine trees on its lips is even more exotic with their presence.

river mouth which is located not far from the shoreline. In the estuary there are also many snails which are often used as economic fields for the surrounding community.

This historic beach was once “the center of the Kingdom of Kuala Batee which was attacked by US infantry in the Potomac counter expedition.

There is evidencei which shows this, namely the existence of an American monument written in ancient English which is now located in the elementary school complex in the village area.

That was the list of tourist attractions in Southwest Aceh that can add references to your vacation destinations. Through the information above, now for those of you who want to travel to Aceh, don’t miss stopping by the Southwest Aceh area. Because there are many interesting tourist objects that will definitely make your vacation more colorful.

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