9 beaches in Cilegon most Hits & Instagramable that you must visit

Beaches in Cilegon-Cilegon city is also known as the city of Steel because it is the largest steel producing city in Indonesia. in addition, this city is also known as an industrial city because there are so many factories ” industrial factories that stand in this area.

Cilegon city is one of the districts in Banten province or at the western end of Java Island and right on the edge of the Sunda Strait. Given its location, do not be surprised if Cilegon surrounded by beaches ” charming beaches that promote the tourism industry.

There are quite a lot of beaches in Cilegon, Banten which is a world tourist destination. Although the city’s tourist destinations are not only limited to beaches, but this time” we will discuss more clearly the rows of exotic beaches in this city.

The beach that presents Beauty is guaranteed to make anyone feel at home lingering ” long and always longing to visit again.

For information seekers about a series of beaches in Cilegon that can be visited when the holidays arrive, you can just listen to our review to the end. Because in this article we will provide a series of information you need.

List of beaches in Cilegon for holiday locations

Although it is famous as an industrial city that stands many factories ” big factories in this city, but do not worry, because this city also stores a million charms, especially in terms of beaches. Curious, the following list of beaches in Cilegon that could be a holiday location, including :

-1. Merak Besar Island-

Merak Besar Island

List of beaches in Cilegon the first is the Great Merak Beach tour which the exact location is in Tamansari, Pulomerak, Cilegon, Banten.

This island covers an area of about 40 hectares which is a protected forest island that serves as a protector of the ferry port and merak integrated terminal.

Indeed, Merak Besar island is quite strategic location, so it is very suitable as a location to maintain the assets of the central and local governments.

The natural potential of this island is indeed very potential, no wonder so many tourists who visit to spend their vacation time.

The beauty of the green protected forest surrounded by clear blue sea makes the body and mind refreshed so that it becomes more vibrant.

In the western part of the island lies a stretch of white sand that is so clean and soft, so often used as a location for sunbathing. Enjoy the breezy breeze and ripples of waves that rhythmic nature makes anyone reluctant to move.

Location: Tamansari, Pulomerak, Cilegon, Banten.

-2. Pantai Kelapa Tujuh-

Pantai kelapa tujuh

Kelapa Tujuh Beach is also included in the list of beaches in Cilegon which is a pity to miss. This beach is located in Pantai Kelapa Tujuh, Suralaya Village, Pulomerak District, Cilegon, Banten or precisely located in the north of Merak Port which connects between Sumatra and Java.

This beach gives a different feel so that many tourists are fascinated by the naturalness of this beach.

One of the most anticipated when visiting is to swim as much as possible with all family members because the waves are quite calm so it is safe to be a place to swim.

Another uniqueness of this beach is the unusual scenery that will happen, where large ships passing by become the most awaited scenery.

Location: Pantai kelapa Tujuh, Suralaya Village, Pulomerak District, Cilegon, Banten.

-3. Merak Kecil Island-

Merak Kecil Island

If we have previously discussed about Merak Besar Island, then aja is also a small Peacock Island that has extraordinary natural charm.

Although the size is quite small, but has a beauty that is not inferior to the area that stores a blend of coral ” beautiful coral.

The island itself is located in the southwest of Merak Besar island or located in the Merak Kecil area, Mekarsari Village, Pulomerak District, Cilegon City, Banten.

Do you know if the small Peacock Island has a vital function that is to repel the waves of the sea leading to the port of merak.

Therefore, shipping conditions in merak Port will run more smoothly and safely. Given its very important role” we are proud and obliged to help preserve this island.

Location: Merak Kecil, Mekarsari Village, Pulomerak District, Cilegon City, Banten.

-4. Anyer Beach Cilegon-

Anyer Beach Cilegon

Anyer Cilegon Beach is located on Jalan Raya Anyer, Sindanglaya District, Cilegon regency, Banten. In Indonesia ready who do not know the name of Anyer Beach?

This beach is one of the holiday destinations in the country and abroad. The charm he possessed became an unstoppable magnet. No wonder this beach is always crowded with visitors.

Management has also been done professionally. By displaying a series of luxury resorts that are usually used as a place to stay for visitors.

In addition, there is also a luxurious restaurant that serves a special menu. Various supporting facilities are also deliberately built for the convenience of visitors.

In addition to enjoying the natural charm of the very popular Anyer beach, there are a variety of exciting activities that can be done, ranging from snorkeling, banana boat, jet ski, playing sand, to swim leisurely to enjoy the freshness of the sea water.

Location: Jalan Raya Anyer, Sindanlaya, Cilegon, Banten.

-5. Pulorida Beach-

Pulorida Beach

List of beaches in Cilegon, Banten next is Pulorida beach tourism located on Jalan Raya Pelabuhan, Merak Village, Tamansari District, Cilegon, Banten.

This park is still in the area of Taman Sari Cilegon. But unfortunately this beach is no longer operating because it belongs to a private company. Even so, the number of visitors who come is always crowded.

They want to feel relaxed by the sea with a peaceful atmosphere, like on this beach. its condition is not functioning still leaves the beauty and a variety of supporting facilities that make it still like being on the coast.

This place is also often the target of photography lovers because it has instagenic photo spots that other beaches do not have.

Even the location is also often the location of prewedding photo taking by some brides. some food vendors are also still seen operating peddling their wares.

Location: Peabuhan Highway, Merak Village, Tamansari District, Cilegon, Banten.

-6. Merak Beach Bend-

Merak Beach Bend via Compass

The bend of Merak Beach is the most strategic location to relax the mind by looking at the ferry boat traffic. This beach is also often the target of sunset lovers.

They will be willing to come from far away to enjoy how beautiful the golden orange sky is right above the open sea. Even a lot of visitors who use it to do photo hunting.

This corner of merak Beach is located in the area of Jalan Pelabuhan Merak, No. 4, Mekarsari, District Pulomerak, Cilegon, Banten.

Uniquely again to enjoy all the beauty presented is free of charge a penny alias free. It’s just that later there will be a herd of young men guarding the parking lot, so you are only asked for a parking fee seiklasnya.

Location: Jalan pelabuhan Merak, No. 4 Mekarsari, Pulomerak District, Cilegon, Banten.

-7. Mabak Cilegon Beach-

Mabak Cilegon Beach

One more beach in Cilegon that is recommended for traveling lovers is Mabak Cilegon beach tourism located in Java Sea, Mekarsari, Pulomerak District, Cilegon City, Banten.

This beach can be a cheap holiday alternative that presents a variety of holiday excitement. Mabak Beach has a charming stretch of white sand with a very clear blue sea.

Visitors who come will usually play water to their heart’s content. in addition, the underwater natural conditions are also very awake. Then visitors are highly recommended to do snorkeling activities.

Explore the beauty of the underwater world closer and more real. Visitors will be accompanied by a flock of tiny fish swimming here and there.

But unfortunately around the beach is not available lodging. For visitors who want to stay overnight, you can try to find houses of local residents which are usually prepared for visitors who want to feel the excitement in this place for longer

Location: Java Sea, Mekarsari, Pulomerak District, Cilegon City, Banten.

-8. Tanjung Peni Beach-

Tanjung Peni Beach via Youtube

When visiting Cilegon, Banten, you should not forget to visit Tanjung Poni Beach which is located in the area of Jalan Pantai Tj. Peni, Warnasari, Citangkil District, Cilegon, Banten.

This beach is quite interesting to visit, especially during the holiday season. Its beautiful condition makes anyone reluctant to go home.

One of the most awaited moments while vacationing at Tanjung Poni Beach is at dusk, namely seeing how romantic the golden orange sky that reflects its light to the sea makes it seem that the sea water changes color.

Sunset in this place is very special, making anyone will always miss to visit, especially young people who are in love.

When viewed in terms of facilities available such as already quite complete, ranging from parking areas, prayer rooms, rinse rooms, food stalls and so forth. The manager also provides rental locations for buoys, snorkeling equipment, surfing equipment, and so on.”

Location: Jalan Pantai Tj. Peni, Warnasari, Citangkil District, Cilegon, Banten.

-9. Tanjung Sari Beach-

Tanjung Sari Beach via Youtube

The last beach destination in Cilegon that we will visit is Tanjung Sari Beach which is located in the area of Jalan Pantai Tj. Peni, Warnasari, Citangkil District, Cilegon, Banten.