4 Photos of the Bandung Geological Museum: Tickets, Collection of Museum Contents, Attractions!

The Bandung Geological Museum is one of the most interesting educational tourist destinations in Bandung to visit. This museum, which is almost 1 century old, can provide a lot of insight, especially in the field of geology.

Currently the Geology Museum has become a place for study tours for students, both those around Bandung and those from various parts of the country. Starting from elementary school students to college students are always busy visiting this museum every day.

Bandung Geological Museum Photo by Andri Gunawan

For those of you who want to visit, the museum which holds many relics of prehistoric times and various other geotourism objects is also open to the public. Perhaps an occasional visit to the museum can give you additional useful insight.

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So it’s not just a walk, but there is added value that you can take home. Let’s get acquainted further with the Geology Museum in Bandung.

History of Bandung Geology Museum

Several types of ancient animal fossils that have lived in Indonesia

The Geological Museum was built in the Dutch colonial era in early 1928. At first the purpose of this museum was to collect samples of fossils, rocks and minerals that exist in Indonesia. You can still find all of these collections from the Dutch government era today.

The designer of this museum building is an architect from the Netherlands named Van Schouwenburk, with his modern European-style design known as Art Deco.

The Geological Museum was then inaugurated by the Dutch government in 1929, at that time the name used was Geologische Laboratory. Currently the Geology Museum has been inaugurated as part of the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources of the Republic of Indonesia.

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Location of Bandung Geology Museum

Fossils of an ancient elephant that once lived in Indonesia

The location of this museum is at the address Jl. Diponegoro No. 57 Bandung, West Java. The location of this museum is in the middle of the city, so it’s actually quite easy to access, but for those of you who come from out of town and are still confused, here Wisataseru.com provides a guide on how to get to the Geological Museum.

To get to the location, you can go using public transportation or private vehicles. For those of you who use private vehicles, you can just drive to the Jl. Diponegoro.

Especially for those of you who use public transportation, you can go by taking an angkot with the direction of Bandung Hall Station “Sadang Serang. To recognize this angkot, you just look for an angkot numbered 10 and full green paint. You can get off at the intersection of 3 Masjid Pusdai.

After that you still have to reconnect the journey by changing angkot that goes to Cicaheum “Ledeng, this angkot has a characteristic number 5 with full black paint. Then you can stop directly at the Museum location.

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Opening Hours and Ticket Prices for the Bandung Geological Museum

The Geological Museum operates from Monday to Sunday except Friday:

Visiting Hours:

Monday-Thursday 08.00-16.00 Saturday-Sunday 08.00-14.00 Friday and National Holidays Closed

Price of admission

Student/student Rp 2,000 General Rp 3,000 Foreigner/foreign student Rp 10,000

To get into the museum area, you will be charged Rp. 3,000/visitor for all ages.

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Bandung Geological Museum Collection

Bandung Geology Museum Collection Photo by The Daulay’s

In general, the collection of this Museum is divided into 3 categories, namely:

-1. History of Life-

Visitors to this museum can learn all about fossils

In this section you can see various collections related to the history of human civilization. Here you can see various ancient human fossils from the /Precambrian/ to the /Cenozoic era./

You can see how the activities of ancient human life in the cave, complete with replicas that are very similar to the original. In this section you can also see a fossil replica of one of the most famous predatory dinosaurs, namely Tyranosaurus or Tyrex.

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-2. Indonesian Geology-

In this section of the Indonesian Geology collection you can find various collections that explain the origin of the creation of the earth to how the process of volcanoes in Indonesia occurred.

Here you can also learn about the theory of the formation of the solar system to see various collections of meteorites that have fallen in the Bandung, Madiun, Banten, to Prambangan areas. You will also gain knowledge about how the various islands in Indonesia were formed.

-3. Geology For Human Life-

Several types of fossils and replicas of ancient human skulls that have become collectiblesthe Geological Museum

The third gallery is a collection called Geology for human life. Here you can see various collections related to various minerals and rocks that have an important role in human life.

Starting from how to process mineral commodities, to various information about the causes of various natural disasters such as earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and landslides as a result of geological activities in the earth.

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Contents Inside the Bandung Geological Museum

In general, the Bandung Geology museum is almost the same as the geological museum in general in the world, with contents in the form of a collection of objects that have a very long historical value.

Bandung Geological Museum itself consists of 2 floors with different collections for each floor and each room.

The museum building itself has a Dutch-style architectural design during the colonial period. For those of you who are curious about the contents of this museum, please refer to the reviews below:

– 1st floor of Bandung Geological Museum-

Let’s go to the floor of this museum building. On the 1st floor of this building you can find 3 rooms, namely the middle room, east room, and west room. Each of these rooms has a different collection. What are the collections? Here is a detailed explanation:

1. Fill the Middle Room

For the living room on the 1st floor of this building, you will find various collections of animated geological activities. In this living room you can also watch the activities of the museum on a big screen.

In this living room, visitors can find out and get services about museum information, educational services as well as research. For tourists who come for research purposes, you can immediately ask permission to go to the living room.

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2. Fill the West Room

The room on the 1st floor is then located in the West area which has a collection of hypothetical descriptions of the occurrence of the earth, there is a solar system, regional tectonic arrangements, and also has a collection of mockups of the movement of the active plates of the earth’s crust.

In addition, here you can also learn about the geological conditions of our country, as well as find out information about ancient human fossils.

There is also a collection of rocks, mineral resources, equipment and field equipment. And for those of you who want additional research and mapping facilities, you can also get them in this room.

You can also find out the final results of the activities in the form of geophysical, geological, seismotectonic, volcanic, and other maps. And what is not interesting from this room is that visitors can watch the show of the state of the volcanoes in Indonesia.

3. Fill the East Room

Moving on to the next room, the east floor room, where this room has a collection of the history of the development and growth of living things on earth from primitive times to modern times.

In this roar you can see a collection of Tyrannosaurus Rex Osborn dinosaur fossils, ancient human skulls in Indonesia and then there are ancient human artifacts that reflect cultural developments from time to time.

Fossils of an ancient fish in the Geological Museum

Other collections that you can find in this room are fish and snake fossils found in the soil layer of Bandung lake, then artifacts were also found on the edge of the Bandung lake. Here you can also find out how the process of formation of fossils, coal, and petroleum to know how the state of the ancient environment in the past.

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– 2nd Floor Bandung Geological Museum-

One of the corners of the Geological Museum which presents various types of crystals from nature

After we are satisfied walking around on the 1st floor, then let’s continue to look at the various collections on the 2nd floor of this geological museum building.

The 2nd floor of the museum is also divided into 3 main rooms, namely the middle, east and west. The following are various collections on the 2nd floor of the Bandung Geological Museum building that you can learn about:

1. Fill in the middle space

The first part of the 2nd floor, namely the living room, stores a collection of gold mine mockups of PT Freeport which is the world’s largest gold mine in Irian Jaya.

You can see a collection of rocks from Papua (Irian Jaya), as well as miniature oil and gas drilling miniatures.

Here you can find out how Indonesia’s natural resources are very abundant. We must manage it well for the welfare of Indonesian citizens in general.

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2. Fill the western room

After being satisfied with seeing Indonesia’s natural resources, then we move to the west room which is a place for Museum staff. Here you can alsosee ancient human skulls in antiquity.

3. Fill the eastern space

The next room is the east room which has a collection of knowledge about the benefits and uses of mineral stones for humans, also understands the picture of the distribution of mineral resources in Indonesia, records of mineral resource exploration activities, and what is no less interesting is the recording of mineral resource exploitation activities. .

In this room, tourists can find out the process and how to use mineral materials in traditional daily activities, information on the use of minerals in modern daily activities, then also know how to process minerals and energy.

Do not miss also information about geological phenomena ranging from landslides, volcanic eruptions, coupled with information on positive aspects of geology related to volcanoes, then an explanation of how to utilize water resources and also an explanation of the influence of the environment on the preservation of natural resources.

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Here are some of the facilities at the geological museum that you can take advantage of:

-1. Education Room-

Education Room

The first facility is an educational room that we can use as a means of lectures and discussions. Can accommodate approximately 40 people.

-2. Souvenir Shop and Polyclinic-

Souvenir Shop and Polyclinic

In this geological museum, there is also a polyclinic that operates from Monday to Thursday at 09.00 to 14.00 for sick friends. In addition, around the museum there is also a gift shop.

-3. Auditorium-


You need a room to hold an event with a large number of participants? Then you can use this Auditorium as an option. Here you can hold film screenings, lectures, seminars, and other activities related to education that can accommodate up to 200 participants.

-4. mosque-


For those of you who want to pray, you don’t need to look far for mosque facilities, because in this geological museum there is a mosque that is quite magnificent which can accommodate up to 700 people, complete with men’s toilets accommodating 18 people while women’s toilets can accommodate 11 people.

Well, that’s a brief review of the Bandung Geological Museum which was founded on May 16, 1928. Hopefully it can add insight as well as entertain your family. Hopefully this review can help and make your vacation in Bandung and your family even more exciting. Happy holidays.