38 Newest & Most Hits Tourist Attractions in Cilegon that Must Be Visited

Tourist Attractions in Cilegon – “Cilegon City is a city located in Banten Province, precisely at the northwest tip of Java Island and is on the edge of the Sunda Strait. So far, Cilegon is known as an industrial city because there are many industries in the form of factories that stand in this area. .

One of the most famous is the steel industry, making Cilegon often referred to as the City of Steel and becoming the largest steel producer in Indonesia.

Even though it is known as an industrial city, it turns out that Cilegon also has many interesting and amazing tourist attractions. Tourist attractions in Cilegon are synonymous with beach tourism which is so stunning because of its location with the Merak port.

Tourist attractions in Cilegon are not only limited to beach tourism but also many other types of tourism such as shopping tours, religious tours, historical tours to nature tours. The number of tourist attractions in Cilegon can certainly ward off the public perception that Cilegon is a dense city and filled with factories.

Of course, each tourist attraction in Cilegon presents a beauty like a hidden paradise. Thus, a trip to Cilegon will be a memorable experience and will definitely make you want to come back to this industrial city again.

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Tourist Attractions in Cilegon that You Must Visit

For those of you who plan to travel to Cilegon, make sure to look for information in advance about what tourist attractions you can visit.

But there is no need to worry because most tourist attractions in Cilegon can be visited by all ages and groups so you can invite your family or loved ones. The following will explain a list of interesting tourist attractions in Cilegon that can add to your reference.

-1. Seven Coconut Beach-

Location : Kelapa Tujuh Beach, Suralaya Village, Pulomerak District, Cilegon

Seven coconut beach

Kelapa Tujuh Beach tourism object is located north of Merak Harbor. This beach has a very amazing beauty and makes many tourists fascinated. This is because the Head of the Seven Beach has a natural panorama that is still very natural so that it gives a different feel.

Especially when you are on this beach you can swim on the beach because the waves are calm and safe. The scenery on this beach feels even more beautiful because of the many large ships that pass to the port of Merak.

-2. Big Peacock Island-

Location : Tamansari, Pulomerak, Cilegon City, Banten Entrance Ticket : Rp. 20,000 (Island Crossing Service)

Big Peacock Island

This tourist spot in Cilegon is actually a Protected Forest Island which functions as the Merak Integrated Terminal and the Protector of the Ferry Port. Merak Besar Island has a strategic location so that it can help maintain assets owned by the central and regional governments.

Of course, Merak Besar Island is very suitable as a tourist destination because this island has the potential of marine and fishery resources. With an area of ​​about 40 hectares, this island is more suitable to spend your vacation time.

While on this island you can see white sand in the west and south and coral reefs in the east and north. This island also has the potential for catching marine products in the form of reef fish, demersal and small pelagics.

-3. Little Peacock Island-

Location : Small Merak, Mekarsari Village, Pulomerak District, Cilegon City, Banten Tickets: “”Boat Rental Rp. 10,000 – Rp. 15,000 per person

Little Peacock Island

In addition to the Big Peacock Island, Cilegon also has the Small Peacock Island which is no less beautiful. For Small Merak Island, this is an area that stores a very beautiful mix of coral and its location is in the southwest of Merak Besar Island.

Small Merak Island is not only a beautiful tourist destination but also has an important role. Because this island serves as a deterrent to sea waves that will go to the port of peacock. That way, the shipping conditions will run smoothly and safely.

By knowing how important the role of Little Merak Island is for ports and shipping, tourists who come are expected to participate in preserving this island.

-4. Mount Batu Lawang-

Location: “Batu Lawang Street, Gerem Village, Grogol District, Cilegon City”

Stone Mountain

The Cilegon area is not only in the form of beaches but also highlands. One of the highland areas that is a tourist attraction is Mount Batu Lawang.

The location of this mountain is in Gerem Merak and has a topography of granite mountains that line up to form a gate. In Javanese the form of the gate is called Lawang so the name of this mountain is Mount Batu Lawang.

From the top of this mountain you can see a very beautiful view in the form of a peacock view of the expanse of the west coast that looks bright and clear. The expanse of blue sea water and white sand that looks from a distance seems to be a stunning view from the highest area in Cilegon.

However, to get to the top of Mount Batu Lawang, you must first go hiking or trekking through steep terrain. The tiring journey will be paid off with such stunning views from the top of the mountain.

-5. Anyer Beach Cilegon-

Location : Jl. Raya Anyer, Sindanglaya, Cilegon, Banten Entrance Tickets: IDR 20,000 (Motorcycle), IDR 150,000 (Car)

Anyer Beach Cilegon

The name Anyer Beach is already very popular in Indonesia because this beach has a beauty that does not need to be doubted. Anyer Beach is also located in Cilegon and is a bustling beach area and many lodgings are provided in this place.

Besides being able to enjoy beautiful beach views, you can do various other exciting activities on this beach including snorkeling, banana boating, jet skiing, swimming and so on. Even around the beach there are also souvenir sellers typical of Anyer Beach that you can buy as souvenirs for loved ones.

-6. Rawa Arum Cilegon-

Location : Rawa Arum, Purwakarta District, Cilegon

Rawa Arum Cilegon via CitragardenBMW

This tourist spot is a lake that is quite famous in Cilegon. Because this lake has a very beautiful view and still feels beautiful. For those of you who want to unwind and look for a calm atmosphere, Rawa Arum Cilegon can be the right choice.

Although known for its beauty, this lake also has a mystical side to the local community. It is said that every night this swamp will emit a fragrant smell. Even in ancient times there was a legend that before it became a lake, this area was a submerged residential area.

For those of you who are curious about the beauty and mystical story of Rawa Arum, don’t miss visiting this lake.

-7. Mount Batur-

Location : Mt. Batu, Mekarsari Village, Pulomerak District, Cilegon

Mount Batur via NaturalexplorerIndonesia

Mount Batur is a popular agro tourism destination in Cilegon. Although it is referred to as agro tourism, it does not mean that this area is only planted with vegetables, fruit and tea plantations. Because in the Mount Batur area you can find spots that are suitable for outdoor activities, especially for nature lovers.

Some exciting activities that can usually be done in the Mount Batur area include hiking, camping, hang gliding and learning various types of flora and fauna. To get to Mount Batur is also not difficult because the location of this mountain is only 8 kilometers from the center of Cilegon City.

Of course, besides being able to do adventure activities, you can enjoy the beautiful natural scenery from the top of the mountain.

-8. Krakatau Country Club-

Location: “KH. Marzuki Street, Kebondalem Village, Purwakarta District, Cilegon City Entrance Fee: IDR 35,000 (Weekday), IDR 45,000 (Weekend)

Krakatoa Country Club

This tourist attraction is located in the middle of Cilegon City so it is very easy to reach by tourists. Krakatau Country Club is very suitable for young people because this place has a variety of exciting and interesting recreational games.

Not only that, this tourist spot also has water rides and a Water World Krakatau swimming pool. Tourist facilities in this place are also quite complete because there are also jogging, golf, karaoke, spa and sauna arenas.

No need to worry because this tourist spot can be visited by all walks of life and ages so it is not limited to only children and young people.

How? Are you interested in having a vacation at “Krakatau Country Club with your loved ones? Please just come directly to the TKP. Operational hours are open every day from 06:00 to 18:00.

Meanwhile for “Olympic : 09:00 ” 18:00 (Monday), 06:00 ” 19:30 (Tuesday), 06:00 ” 18:00 (Wednesday-Sunday) and Stream & Kiddy Pool : 09:00 ” 17:00 (Monday), 06:00 ” 17:00 (Tuesday), 06:00 ” 17:00 (Wednesday-Friday).

Oh yes, friend, you can also try ATV here, you know!

-9. Nurul Ikhlas Grand Mosque

Location: Stage Rawi, Jombang District, Cilegon

Great Mosque of Nurul Ikhlas via IG @poet_apui

Don’t miss a visit to Cilegon for a religious tour at the Great Mosque of Nurul Ikhlas. This mosque has been around for a long time and there are also sources who say that this mosque has existed since the colonial era.

But in the past the design of this mosque was still much different from now because it has not undergone an overhaul. Now the Great Mosque of Nurul Ikhlas has a high minaret with a magnificent and beautiful mosque building design.

-10. Metro Swimming Pool-

Location: “Metro Cilegon Residential, Jl. Raya Bojonegara, Pangurawi, Kec. Jombang, Cilegon City Entrance Ticket: IDR 20,000 (Weekday), IDR 25,000 (Weekend)

Metro Sport Center Swimming Pool

For those of you who like to swim then pleaseStop by the Metro Swimming Pool while in Cilegon. Although this swimming pool is not too big with an area of ​​only half a hectare, the facilities in this swimming pool are quite complete.

Metro Swimming Pool has several types of pools that are divided according to age, namely a children’s pool to an adult pool. To add to the excitement while playing in the water, there is also a water slide that can be used by visitors.

Playing water in this swimming pool is guaranteed to be comfortable because there are several lie guards that function to protect the pool and as assistance if a visitor drowns.

Here there are 3 swimming pools that are intended for tourists. The main pool is divided into 2 parts, one with a depth of more than 150 cm and the other with a depth of 90 cm with a barrier in the form of a mine. While the other 2 pools are pools intended for children with a depth of about 50 cm.

This metro swimming pool is very fun to be used as a family vacation spot, especially with children, there are “two slides where one leads to a deep pool, and the other towards a medium pool.

To add to the comfort of tourists who come, on the outskirts of the pool there are gardens and shelters, also swings, and other play areas for children which are quite comfortable to relax and spend time in this place.

-11. Mount Tukung Gede Nature Reserve-

Location : Mt. Tukung, Sindang Mandi Village, Anyar District, Cilegon Regency

Tukung Gede Mountain Nature Reserve

You need to know that Cilegon is an expansion area of ​​Serang Regency, so it’s no wonder that there are several tourist attractions that are promoted in Serang.

One of them is the Mount Tukung Gede Nature Reserve which is located in the Gunung Sari and Mancak areas of Serang Regency. This nature reserve has two large lions flowing and empties into Anyer Beach.

Where the big rivers are the Cikoneng River and Sunagi Cigandik which are already quite famous in Cilegon. For those of you who want to travel to the Mount Tukung Gede Nature Reserve, please travel for 1 hour from Cilegon.

When you arrive at this nature reserve, you can do a variety of exciting activities including hiking and learning about biodiversity in a natural atmosphere that is still very beautiful.

-12.”Teletubbies Hill-

Location: “Suralaya Area”, Pulomerak District, Cilegon City

Teletubbies Hill via Destinasiwisatabanten.wordpress.com

Cilegon also has a tourist spot in the form of Teletubies Hill in the Suralaya area. This hill is indeed being talked about a lot by tourists because of its beauty and is perfect for those of you who like adventure.

Actually, the original name of this hill is Bukit Kembang Kuning, but because it is increasingly visited by tourists, this hill is dubbed as Teletubies hill because it looks like the hill in the Teletubies movie.

-13. Gambir Stone-

Location :”Tamansari, Pulomerak, Cilegon City

Gambir Stone

Batu Gambir is a hilly area in the Merak Cilegon area which has very beautiful natural scenery. The atmosphere around Batu Gambir is indeed very cool because there are many green trees that thrive.

This tourist attraction also has the potential to be developed as a natural tourist destination in Cilegon because from time to time the number of visitors who come is also increasing. To go to Batu Gambir then you can take the road towards Merak then please ask the local residents for the road to Batu Gambir.

-14. Café Oregano-

Location:”Jl. Bayangkara, Cilegon Regency

Café Oregano

Caf© Oregano is located at Jalan Bayangkara No. 17. It has a very convenient location because there are shady trees. Where the types of trees planted include palm trees, yellow frangipani, Dutch brown, and so on.

In the middle of the cafe, there is also a fish pond with an area of ​​4×8 meters so that it will give a more natural feel. When you enter the frangipani gate, you will hear the strains of Balinese music which is also equipped with various Balinese ornaments.

The unique concept of this cafe sometimes makes many visitors feel confused but this is actually the main attraction. Of course, this cafe with a garden atmosphere and restaurant can be an option to relax and unwind with loved ones.

-15.”Cilegon Green Waterpark-

Location : “Cilegon Green Megablock Complex Blok E, Jl. A. Yani, Kec. Cibeber, Cilegon City Entrance Ticket: IDR 25,000 (Weekday), IDR 35,000 (Weekend)

Cilegon Green Waterpark

Cilegon Green Waterpark is a tourist attraction which has a land area of ​​1 square hectare and has many exciting rides. It can be said that the rides in this waterpark are very complete including Super Slides (Tube Slide, Kids Rody Slide, Adult Body Slide, and Race Slide), Kids Pool, Semi Olympic Pool, Lazy River, and Family Slide and so on.

Not only can you enjoy a variety of AI game ridesr, you can enjoy a variety of dishes served by 11 foodcourt outlets in this waterpark.

No need to worry if you want to invite your family to play at Waterpark Green Cilegon because there are many attractive promos for visitors, including free ticket prices for children with a height below 80cm.

Oh yes, friends, this waterpark is getting more exciting, you know, with an artificial river called the Lazy River, this river is arranged in such a way by circling several children’s play facilities and gazebos. You can walk along this artificial river with visitors can enjoy this artificial river by using tires. a model of an inflatable boat that is rented out by the manager.

-16. Krakatau Bike Park-

Location:”Cable Road, Kotabumi, Purwakarta, Cilegon

Krakatau Bike Park

Krakatau Bike Park is an exciting tourist attraction located on Cable Street, Kotabumi, Purwakarta, Cilegon. As the name implies, this tourist attraction is intended for tourists who want to enjoy the atmosphere of cycling in a cool area and decorated with stunning natural scenery.

As a cycling location, in this area there is a bicycle crossing that is comfortable and safe for riders. It will be even more exciting if you invite your friends to cycle together so that it will provide a more enjoyable experience.

-17. Asmawi Duck Sate in Jombang Cilegon-

Location: “Jl. Jenderal Ahmad Yani, Sukmajaya Village, District” Jombang, Cilegon

Asmawi Duck Sate at Jombang Cilegon

A visit to Cilegon is incomplete if you don’t taste a special culinary dish, namely Asmawi duck satay at Jombang Cilegon. This dish is very delicious because it is made from duck meat.

The duck meat used is thin and chewy but will feel soft when eaten. In order for the satay to taste more delicious, the satay seasoning is added to cover the duck satay meat.

The taste of this satay seasoning usually tends to be spicy and looks like chili seeds attached to the satay. This Asmawi Jombang satay stall is always crowded with visitors, so if you don’t queue up soon, you might run out.

-18. Kratau Junction Infinite Jogging Track-

Location: “Krakatu Steel housing, Kotabumi, Purwakarta District, Cilegon

Krakatau Junction Infinite Jogging Track

This tourist spot is very suitable for relaxing while exercising. The location of Krakatau Junction Infinite Jogging Track is in the residential area of ​​Krakatu Steel.

Usually this tourist attraction is also very crowded in the morning and evening, especially on Sundays. Besides being able to enjoy the scenery while exercising, you can taste various snacks sold by street vendors.

-19. Coca Cola Park-

Location: “Jl. Jenderal Sudirman, Ramanuju Village, Purwakarta District, Cilegon

Coca Cola Park

The Coca Cola Park tourist attraction is located in Ramanuju Cilegon, usually by the public it is referred to as Tacol Park. This park is indeed very suitable for a place to hang out and relax. No wonder this park is always crowded with young people.

Of course, this park has a beautiful atmosphere and delicious food offerings that make visitors feel at home. Moreover, the price of the food offered is also quite affordable, so there is no need to drain the pocket.

-20. Oath Mosque-

Location : “Jl. Pangeran Jayakarta Link Kenanga RT.2/RW.2, Masigit, Kec. Jombang, Cilegon City

Oath Mosque

In addition to having a very stunning natural beauty, Cilegon also has religious tourism in the form of the Oath Mosque. The location of this mosque is in the middle of the village and only a few meters from the highway.

The oath mosque has a rectangular design and looks ancient. The rear of the building still looks new. There are several additions to the building as a place to worship the local community.

When visiting this mosque, you can feel the ancient impression of the mosque’s dome made of terracotta as in other ancient mosques in Indonesia. But there is something more interesting about this mosque, namely the door of the mosque which has a height of no more than 1.5 meters.

With the size of the door, worshipers and visitors must bow their heads when entering the mosque. Even this mosque also has a unique legend that will make tourists more curious.

-21. Cilegon Square-

Location: “Kampung Tegal Cabe Street No. 31, Ramanuju, Kec. Purwakarta, Cilegon

Cilegon Square via Youtube

A visit to Cilegon is incomplete if you don’t visit Cilegon Square. This square is part of a public facility built on the Krakatau Steel Helipad Field.

No different from the Alun-Alun in general, this area is indeed very crowded by visitors, most of whom are local people. However, this square is well managed and equipped with supporting facilities that make visitors feel at home and comfortable.

For those of you who plan to visit the Alun-Alun Cilegon then don’t miss the chance to watch the dancing fountain.

Usually this dancing fountain show will be held at night, especially on Sunday nights. When the fountain attraction begins, colorful lights will play their beautiful light to make the show even more lively.

In addition, the attraction, which is only available on Sunday nights at 8-9 pm, is also accompanied by music so that it will be even cooler. No wonder when the weekend comes, the Cilegon square area is always crowded with local people.

Moreover, this dancing fountain show can be watched for free so there is no need to pay a penny.

-22. Krakatau Steel Reservoir-

Location : Krakatausteel Reservoir, Citangkil District, Cilegon City

Krakatau Steel Reservoir

This tourist attraction is in Cilegon Cilegon and is one of the interesting tourist objects. This reservoir was actually built by PT Kraktau Steel for the people of Cilegon and its surroundings.

Of course, when you are at the Krakatau Steel Reservoir, you can see beautiful natural scenery and spoil the eyes. This reservoir is usually used to collect water that will flow from Rawa Danau.

Before the reservoir was built, this area was a rice field and a residential area. However, there is an old mosque on the southern lip of the reservoir which is still there and is a place of worship for the people around the reservoir.

-23. Mayfield Mall-

Location: “Jl. Jenderal Sudirman, Ramanuju, Kec. Purwakarta, Cilegon City

Mayfield Mall Cilegon via Harianraya

For those of you who want to travel in the middle of the city with your family, Mayfield mall is the choice. This shopping center has been around since 2007 and is the biggest mall in Cilegon.

This mall consists of 3 floors and has a one stop shopping mall concept. For this reason, you can easily find various types of needs at this mall. In addition, there are various restaurants and food courts that serve a variety of delicious dishes that you can eat with your family.

-24. Culinary Tour in Saung Edi-

Location: “Jalan SA Tirtayasa, Ramanuju, Kec. Purwakarta, Cilegon City

Culinary Tour in Saung Edi

A visit to Cilegon feels incomplete if you don’t stop by Saung Edi. This place to eat is indeed very popular in Cilegon and is a destination for tourists. The location of Saung Edi is behind Edi Toserba so it is not difficult to find it.

Saung Edi provides a variety of typical Cilegon dishes ranging from lead rice, grilled rice, tutug oncom rice and so on. The dish in this saung is indeed very distinctive so it is guaranteed to make you pampered.

-25. Krakatoa Jungle Park-

Location : “Jl. Kyai H. Yasin Beji, Kebondalem, Kec. Purwakarta, Cilegon City

Entrance ticket :

· Rp 3,000 (Culinary Tour-Weekday), Rp 5,000 (Game Rides-Weekday), · Rp 5,000 (Culinary Tour-Weekend), Rp 10,000 (Game Rides-Weekend)

Krakatau Jungle Park via Cilegonwisata.blogspot.com

This tourist spot in Cilegon is a type of natural tourism that is already quite popular. This tourist attraction has been established since 2009 on green land owned by PT Krakatau.

When visiting Krakatu Jungle Park you can find a variety of excitement including rope bridges, water bikes and flying fox. It is estimated that the game facilities in this place will be further improved by the management so that visitors feel satisfied and happy.

Not only that, this location also has a spot for selfies which is very beautiful and named jungle of love and white thinks 4u. This place is a romantic location in the Cilegon area, so don’t miss to invite your partner to visit Krakatau Jungle Park.

At night, this area is decorated with big lights that say LOVE and there are many lanterns that make the scenery even more beautiful. Don’t forget that at night there will usually be live music so that it will add to the romantic impression.

-26. Timiang Sand Castle-

Location : “Tamiang, Kel. Lebak Denok, Kec. Citangkil, Cilegon City (5 km from the city center) Entrance Ticket: IDR 2,000

Timiang Sand Castle via Bantennews.co.id

The Timiang Sand Palace is the newest tourist attraction in Cilegon City. This tourist attraction is located on the South Ring Road KM 9. As the newest tourist attraction, the Timiang Sand Palace is very suitable to be visited with family during the weekend.

The unique thing about the Timiang Sand Palace is that it came from the results of the sand miners in Cilegon who left a little land as a replica of the Palace. Even according to news that emerged, this area will be equipped with a park so that it becomes a very mandatory tourist location to visit.

-27. Pulorida Beach-

Location: “Jl. Raya Pelabuhan, Merak Village, Tamansari District, Cilegon”

Pulorida Beach

One more marine tourism that you can visit while in Cilegon is Pulorida Beach. This beach is located inTaman Sari Cilegon and become a tourist attraction that is very crowded with tourists. However, this beach is apparently no longer in operation because it is owned by a company.

But when you visit this place, you can still feel the atmosphere of the beach and some facilities for visitors who are still visible on the coast.

-28. Cikerai Livestock Villa-

Location : “Jl. Cikerai, Pasir Angin, Cikerai, Cibeber, Bagendung, Kec. Cilegon, Cilegon Entrance Fee: Rp. 25,000 (Two-Wheel Vehicle), Rp. 35,000 (Four-Wheel Vehicle)

Villa Ternak Cikerai via Bubukwafer.blogspot.com

You can make the next tourist spot in Cilegon a refreshing place to relieve fatigue because the atmosphere is beautiful and calming.

This Cikerai cattle villa is indeed quite unique, the article here you can find various livestock with a lush natural atmosphere in the midst of the bustle of the industrial city, Cilegon.

You can see farms ranging from chickens, birds, cows, goats and fish, even at certain times tourists can also participate in milking Etawa goats or cows, which can only be done at 9 to 10 am every day, while enjoying it immediately.

-29.”Landmark Cilegon-

Location: “Jl Jombang Masjid No. 82, Ramanuju, Kec. Purwakarta, Cilegon

Landmark Cilegon via bco-tv.com

The Cilegon landmark can be an instagenic photo spot, you know, especially at night.” This landmark is a monument located at the three-way roundabout of Jalan SA Tritayasa, Purwakarta District.

-30. The beauty of Ciperahu Peak-

Location: “Sugih Mountain, Ciwandan District, Cilegon Regency”

The beauty of Ciperahu Peak

The peak of Ciperahu is one of the newest tourist attractions in Cilegon. This tourist attraction is currently popular among young people, especially those who like to hunt for spots to take pictures.

This tourist attraction, which is located between the mountains of Mount Sugih, is currently hits and is no less popular than the Sand Castle on the South Ring Road.

The peak of Ciperahu offers a unique view of the countryside with the activities of its inhabitants and the blue view of the Sunda Strait.

If you want even more spectacular, just come to the top of this ciperahu at night. We will be presented with the twinkling lights of petrochemical factories in the area.

For those of you who want to camp, you can do this here too, because it’s not uncommon for young people to spend the night here by setting up a tent.

-31. Painting Village-

Location: “Ramanuju Baru, Cangkil District, Cilegon

Cilegon Painting Village via Youtube

Cilegon has another story, this industrial city has a “creative village with colorful colors. Kampung Lukis Ramanuju is located in the New Ramanuju neighborhood, Citangkil District, Cilegon.

Here you can enjoy various kinds of paintings ranging from animal theme paintings to cultural themed paintings.

-32. MSME Tourism Village-

Location: “Palas, Dam Village, Cilegon District, Cilegon

MSME Tourism Village via Radarbanten

The next tourist spot in Cilegon is the UMKM tourism village which is a village that has been transformed into a beautiful recreation area.

When you enter this village, you will be presented with a large gate that reads “”Kampoeng Wisata UMKM”, then continued with a neat, clean environment with various paintings and murals on the fences of a number of fence walls. painted colorful hanging, umbrella the road.

The purpose of making this tourist village is to promote more massive MSME products, where there are at least 75 MSMEs in the Palas Environment, 48 of which are mattress and foam craftsmen, the rest are engaged in various fields such as culinary. Examples of culinary products produced by the community are chips and gipang.

People have been in this business for a long time. But, unfortunately continues to stagnate, not experiencing development. The concept of this tourist village is a hope for the community so that their “entrepreneurship/” activities can develop and have an impact on their economic strength.

-33. Agrotourism Waras Farm-

Location:”Lebakkayang Street, Kp. Perigi, Cikerai Cibeber, Cilegon

Waras Farm Agrotourism

The next tourist spot in Cilegon is sane agro-tourism farm. Here you can invite your children to play and learn about the world of agriculture.”

In this agro-tourism, there are “California papaya gardens, dragon fruit gardens, nurseries of various ornamental plants, protective plants, Durian, Mango, Papaya, Longan, Assorted Oranges (Wedang Oranges, Lime, Bali Oranges), Srikaya, Soursop,” Dragon Fruit, Albasia and Sawo Kecik etc., as well as green expanses of rice fields.

There is also a “Saung Restaurant typical of East Java “Pecel Madiun Kembang Turi”.

-34. “Mount Pinang Tourism”

Location: “Pejaten Village, Kramatwatu District, Serang Regency (Between Cilegon and Serang)

Mount Pinang Tourism

Indeed, Gunung Pinang is not administratively located in Cilegon, but because of its location in the middle between Serang City and Cilegon, it makes tourism as a tourist attraction.This pinang mountain peak is one of the destinations for the Cilegon people.

The peak of Gunung Pinang offers an “Instragamable spot that is worthy of your visit. There are many interesting spots for selfies and group photos.

In addition, the place has many playgrounds and is supported by cool air. One of the most popular photo spots for visitors is the Love Bridge. On the bridge, tourists can enjoy the beautiful views of the Karangantu Sea and Bojonegara.

When tourists come, they will be greeted with beautiful colorful umbrellas hanging between the trees.” In addition to having many cool spots, this tourist attraction managed by Perum Perhutani also provides a variety of snacks and drinks ranging from coffee, grilled sausages, refreshing drinks, and snacks. snacks are available, as well as a prayer room and public toilets.

Gunung Pinang tourism management also provides flying fox and rope bridges that add to the excitement of recreation here. The bridge is made colorful. The flying fox hangs 200 meters long.

To enter the peak of Mount Pinang, tourists only pay a ticket of IDR 10,000 per person. In the future, the manager will continue to add rides to add to the excitement of tourist holidays.”

-35. Cilegon Child Friendly Park-

Location: “Jl. Jombang Masjid No. 20, Ramanuju, Kec. Purwakarta, Cilegon City

Cilegon Children’s Park via IG @annysa_wvasari

-36. Tanjung Sari Beach-

Location : Jalan Pantai Tj. Peni, Warnasari, Cilangkil District, Cilegon City, Banten

Tanjung Sari Beach via Youtube

The next recommended tourist spot in Cilegon is Tanjung Sari beach which you can make a place to spend vacation time with your beloved family.

The beach, which is located in the Tj. Peni Beach Road area, Warnasari, Citangkil District, Cilegon City, Banten has a stunning beauty.

The sea water is blue and very clear, making us feel at home for a long vacation on this beach. Besides playing on the beach, other exciting activities that are usually done by tourists who come are swimming, surfing, snorkeling, jet skiing, to playing banana boat.

One of the reasons why this beach is a favorite place to spend vacation time in Cilegon is because it has relatively friendly waves so that we don’t worry about playing in the water with the children.

The beach sand is also clean and smooth and white, making us comfortable playing all day on this beach. Tourists who come can also sunbathe on a stretch of white sand as is often done by Caucasians or foreign tourists.

-37. Mabak Beach Cilegon-

Location : Java Sea, Mekarsari, Pulomerak District, Cilegon City, Banten.

Mabak Cilegon Beach

The beach in Cilegon that you can make your next vacation spot is Mabak beach which is located in Mekarsari, Pulomerak District, Cilegon City, Banten.

The beach which is also white sand is also no less beautiful than the Tanjung Sari beach that has been reviewed previously.

This beach which has blue and very clear water can quench our holiday thirst. For those of you who like diving, this beach also has a stunning underwater charm, you can do snorkeling activities here.

Snorkeling is one of the most exciting activities to do, you will be accompanied by a herd of tiny fish swimming here and there which is very charming.

-38. Cilegon Park-

Location: Jl. Lingkar Selatan KM.4, Kaliimbang, Kec. Cibeber, Cilegon City

Cilegon Park via IG @cilegon_park

That’s information about tourist attractions in Cilegon that can be a reference and add to your insight. By knowing the information above, now you don’t need to be confused about planning a vacation in Cilegon because there are many tourist paradises that you can visit. Of course, these various tourist attractions will provide excitement and make your vacation even more enjoyable.

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