35 Newest & Most Hits Tourist Attractions in South Aceh that You Must Visit!

Tourist Attractions in South Aceh”–”Talking about tourist attractions in Aceh seems to be endless because each region in Aceh offers natural beauty that is presented in its tourist attractions.

One of them is also located in South Aceh Regency which also offers a charm of beauty that is not inferior to other Aceh regions. The capital city of South Aceh Regency is Tapaktuan.

The location of Tapaktuan City is also far from the center of Banda Aceh City which is about 433 kilometers. No need to worry because in South Aceh now there is an airport that will definitely make it easier for you to go to South Aceh and visit tourist attractions in South Aceh that you should not miss.

Although the location of South Aceh is quite far from Banda Aceh City, make no mistake because this region offers many of the best tourist attractions.

Where each of these tourist attractions offers uniqueness and advantages that are definitely very suitable to make your vacation even more memorable. The tourist attractions available in South Aceh are dominated by natural attractions with natural panoramas that will amaze you.

Recommended Tourist Attractions in South Aceh

Curious what these tourist attractions are? The following will provide information on tourist attractions in South Aceh that you can visit while on vacation.

-1. Rafting on the Alas River-

Rafting on the Alas River via Indozone

The first tourist spot in South Aceh is white water rafting on the Alas River. Where this one tourist spot offers excitement that is guaranteed to spur your adrenaline.

The location of this rafting is on the Alas River, South Aceh which has a fairly swift river current. In addition, the scenery around the river is also very exotic so that it will provide an increasingly exciting sensation when wading through this river.

The swift currents of the river combined with the lush forest of Gunung Leuser National Park will certainly be a tourist mix that spoils you. The Alas River will later empties into the Indian Ocean so you shouldn’t miss trying the thrill of rafting on this river.

This river is the longest in Aceh, by dividing the Gunung Leuser National Park and empties into the Indian Ocean.

This river has a “river grade between 1” 6, the Alas River Stream has grades 3 and 4. In grade 3 flow, you can find cascades followed by waves that come unexpectedly and require maneuverability to avoid large rocks.

In grade 4 the rapids that welcome each other are connected and increasingly difficult with a wave height of up to 2 meters accompanied by sharp turns.

How? Are you interested in trying the challenging sensation of wading through this river? Make sure you are physically prepared.

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-2. Level Seven Waterfall-

Seven-Story Waterfall via IG @albar_rusman

The next interesting nature tourism in South Aceh is the Level Seven Waterfall. Where this tourist spot is very easy for you to reach, just by traveling about 10 minutes from the City of Tapak Tuan.

When you arrive at the Level Seven Waterfall area, you can see a waterfall with natural scenery decorations and has clean and cool air.

If you want to visit this waterfall more closely, the higher the level of the waterfall, the more difficult the challenge will be. You even have to do careful preparation so you can get to the seventh level.

But the tiring journey that you have done will pay off when you witness the stunning natural scenery in this Level Seven waterfall area.

Each height is different in size. The waterfalls on the first to fourth levels are located side by side, while the fifth, sixth and seventh levels are quite far apart and have to climb a hill following the flow of the river.

The location of this waterfall itself is in Tapaktuan District, to get to the location you have to walk along the leafy streets.

-3. Mr Tapa’s site-

Tapak Tuan Tapa Photo of Adi Yanto

This tourist spot in South Aceh is indeed very popular and has become an icon in South Aceh. No wonder if you visit South Aceh then don’t miss visiting the Tapak Tuan Tapa site.

Even the physical evidence is on the lips of a beach that is so exotic. To be able to go to the Tapak Tuan Tapa site, it takes a struggle that is not easy.

Because you have to climb up and down the hill of Mount Lampu until you pass a very slippery rock. For this reason, when you travel to this site, you should be extra careful for your safety.

The long journey and difficult terrain seem to be paid off when you arrive at the site location. Because at that location you will see giant footprints which according to legend are the feet of Mr. Tapa.

Besides being amazed by the giant footprints, you can also also fascinated by the natural scenery in this place which features a rocky beach.

-4. White Batee Beach-

Batee Puteh Beach via Acehfotografer.net

Batee Putih Beach is often touted as a paradise located in South Aceh. Because this one beach has a beauty that cannot be described in words.

White Batee Beach is still untouched so it is still very natural. In addition, the beach, which is located in Lhok Aman Village, also has a coastline decorated with white stones.

The distance of this beach from Tapak Tuan is also not too far, which is about 35 kilometers. Because it is still natural, it is not surprising that the atmosphere on this beach tends to be quiet so it is perfect for those of you who want to unwind.

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-5. Samadua Angel Beach-

Samadua Angel Beach

Bidari Samadua Beach is a very popular beach in South Aceh. For those of you who plan to take a vacation to South Aceh, you must visit this one tourist spot.

This beach, which is located in Samada District, has white sand and blue sea water. There are also green hills around the beach so that it will make the scenery more exotic.

Not far from this beach location there is a waterfall whose springs come from the mountain so that it is used as a natural bathing pool. On this beach, there are also adequate facilities, such as food stalls serving seafood.

Of course, the various seafood dishes are cooked using Acehnese spices which will definitely shake the tongue.

-6. Lhok Nibong Beach-

Lhok Nibong Beach via Ikbalfanika

Talking about Aceh can’t be separated from the beauty of its beaches which stretch almost all over Aceh, including South Aceh.

This time Lhok Nibong Beach is one that offers undoubted beauty. Lhok Nibong Beach is also often dubbed the beach of the rainbow army of South Aceh.

This beach has a long and beautiful coastline and there are large rocks that will decorate this beach. No wonder this beach looks very exotic like the beach in the Laskar Pelangi movie.

In addition, there is a row of hills that surround this beach which completes the panorama on Lhok Nibong Beach.

This beach overlooking the Indian Ocean also looks more beautiful with a small island that gives a cooler feel. But you have to make careful preparations before going to this beach because the facilities are still minimal.

-7. Ujong Nibong Beach-

Ujong Nibong Beach

Ujong Nibong Beach is a beach that is adjacent to Lhok Nibong Beach so it is a beach area that you should visit.

No less beautiful than Lhok Nibong beach, this beach also has a charm that amazes and is also similar to the beach in the Laskar Pelangi film. For those of you who are looking for an unspoiled beach, this beach is the right choice to spoil the eyes.

-8. Lhok Mamplam Beach-

Lhok Mamplam Beach

From Ujong Nibong Beach you can continue the journey to Lhok Mamplan Beach. Because this beach is located very close to Lhok Nibong and Ujong Nibong Beaches.

Because of its close location, it is not surprising that the charm of the beauty of this beach is also not inferior to the two beaches. When the afternoon arrives, this beach will feel more romantic and exotic with a tinge of sunset that adorns the sky.

Once satisfied playing on the beach, you can go up to the hill and then enjoy the view from the top of the hill to capture the moment using the camera.

-9. Cold Water Bath-

Cold Springs via Bratapos

The next tourist spot in South Aceh is Cold Water Baths located in Lhok Pawoh Village, Sawang, South Aceh.

This tourist attraction is also always crowded with tourists, especially during holidays. With a large bathing area, tourists can freely play in the water in this area.

The cold water conditions combined with the beautiful natural scenery of the mountains will certainly add to the freshness while in this Cold Water Bath.

Cold water baths also have a characteristic, namely the presence of a beautiful waterfall decorated with large and tall rocks. The location of this bath is also not far from the sea coast so that while bathing in this bath, visitors can while enjoying the panorama of the sea that stretches widely.

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-10. Cold Waterfall-

Cold Waterfall via Kompasiana

If previously it was a cold bath, then you can also visit a cold waterfall which is located close to the cold bath.

Under this waterfall there is a natural bathing pool that is no less exciting for us to splash in and have fun here.

The water is cold, and wide, making it fun for everyoneonce for us to make a place for bathing with the group.

-10. Panjupian Baths-

Panjupian Baths Via Firjaribes

The next tourist spot that you can visit while in South Aceh is Panjupian Baths. The location of this bath is about 6 kilometers from the capital Tapaktuan.

This tourist attraction is also increasingly in demand by tourists, especially those who want to travel with family. Panjupian baths use cool and clear river water and then made in the form of bathing pools for tourists.

There are also tourist lodges, prayer places, stalls and other facilities so that visitors feel comfortable. This bath also offers a very beautiful view so that it can give a sensation that is one with nature.

The location of this bath is at “Jl. Tapaktuan – Subulussalam, Panjupian, Tapak Tuan, South Aceh Regency, Aceh.

-11. Talago Stone-

Talago Batu via Yellsaints

This one tourist spot may still not be widely known by tourists, especially from regions outside Aceh. Talago Batu is located in Menggamat, Kluet Tengah, South Aceh.

To get to Talago Batu, it takes quite a long journey through hills, rivers and rocky roads. We recommend that you invite a local guide to go to Talago Batu so that your trip is safe and doesn’t get lost.

After a long and long journey, you will arrive at a tourist location that is definitely very pleasing to the eye.

Because in this tourist spot you can see large trees that grow shady, rivers with clear water and waterfalls. You can even witness the stone mining process using traditional equipment carried out by workers.

There are seven levels in this waterfall that you must pass and the top one is called Talago Batu because it has a waterfall shower that looks like a lake.

-12. Melang Lawe River-

Melang Lawe River via Yellsaints

When visiting Talago Batu, don’t miss stopping by the Lawe Melang River. The location of this river is not far from Talago Batu so to go to this river it only takes 10 minutes.

To go along the Lawe Melang River, you need a type of motor boat made of wood. The tariff for motorized boats is adjusted to the distance traveled.

When you walk along this river, you will be spoiled by the unspoiled natural surroundings and the cool feel of the mountains and countryside. Of course this will provide an unforgettable travel experience.

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-13. Stone Princess Batupang-

Batupang Princess Stone via Rawoh Nagroe

If Padang is famous for the story of Malin Kundang, then in South Aceh it is famous for Batu Putri Batupang. Not much different from the story of Malin Kundang, Batu Putri Batupang is the story of a girl who was cursed by her mother to become a stone for waiting for her lover.

The location of Batu Putri Batupang is on the beach so to reach it you have to travel a distance of about 1 kilometer from the Tapak Tuan site.

When you arrive at the location you can see a rock that resembles a woman’s body resting on her chin sitting on a very large turtle. Uniquely, the legend of Batu Putri Batupang has also been made into a legend book written by a local writer.

So do not be surprised if this tourist spot is also increasingly popular along with the increasing number of people who know about the legend.

-14. Two Bakongan Island-

Island Two Bakongan

Pulau Dua is a tourist destination that is already quite popular in South Aceh. However, the facilities on this island are still inadequate so you have to prepare supplies from home.

To go to Pulau Dua, tourists can use a rented fishing boat. It is recommended that if you want to visit Pulau Dua, you should invite a group so that the transportation costs are cheaper.

When you arrive at Dua Island, you can see the natural beauty that is charming and spoils the eyes. There are also coral reefs that amaze anyone who sees it.

This very exotic island has a beach with golden yellow sand. This beach is surrounded by coconut trees so that it adds to its exoticism.

This island is suitable for you to make as a spot for snorkeling, because the underwater park owned by Pulau Dua is very beautiful, beautiful coral reefs and beautiful fish. You are guaranteed to feel at home for long on this two island.

The location of this island from the city of Tapak is only about 45 km. For those of you who want to enjoy the beauty of this island, please depart from the Tapak Tuan pier and continue the journey by boat for approximately 30 minutes.

-15. Puncak Gemilang Hill-

Glorious Peak Hill

It’s not complete to vacation in South Aceh if you don’t stop by Bukit Puncak Gemilang. Because at this time this hill has become one of the prima donna of South Aceh tourism.

Location BPeak Gemlang hill is on Lhok Bengkuang Hill and it takes 10 minutes to climb. From the top of this hill you can find a long chair which on the back reads Puncak Gemilang.

This location is indeed very suitable for taking pictures on a chair while looking at the stunning natural scenery. Because many tourists take pictures here, it is not surprising that many are willing to queue to take pictures. From the top of this hill, the view of Tapaktuan City is very clear.

In addition, in this place there is also a small hut typical of Aceh overlooking the mountain and you can also use it as a photo spot.

-16. Sailing Stone-

Batu Sailing via Iniaceh

This tourist spot is actually quite popular in South Aceh, but only recently has it become very popular. This is due to the large number of tourists who take pictures at these attractions and then upload them to their social media accounts.

This sailing stone is actually a giant stone on the beach in Samadua District, South Aceh Regency.

To go to Batu Belayar is also not difficult because you only need to travel for 25 minutes. In addition, the giant rock is also located around the beach so that it will be a natural sight that will amaze you.

For this reason, don’t miss out on stopping by Batu Berlayar to prove its beauty for yourself.

-17. Lhok Rukam Beach-

Lhok Rukam Beach via IG @blue.efendy

The next tourist spot in South Aceh is Lhok Rukam beach which is located about 14 km from Panjupitan baths. The beach is very easy to reach, there is even public transportation that passes through this beach.

Because it is very easy to access, this beach is always crowded with visitors, especially during the holiday season, the beach is always crowded.

This beach also has extraordinary beauty, its stunning natural charm with rocks with big waves.

-18. Seurudong Beach-

Seurudong Beach via Youtube

Still in the form of beach tourism, there is also a Seurudong beach which is located in Sawang Ba’u Village, Sawang District, which you deserve to include in your next list of vacation spots in South Aceh.

Unlike the lhok rukam beach, this seurudong beach is a bit difficult to reach its location, so it’s a bit quiet.

However, this beach is actually worth visiting, because of its stunning natural beauty. There is also a small and exotic collaboration island “Puilau Kloe” or “Pulau Mute” which is located near this beach.

This beach can also be used as a diving spot, you know, because the coral reefs here are still beautiful, making a wide variety of marine life here, including turtles. Usually when these turtles lay eggs, visitors will be curious and will visit this beach.

-19. Seubadeh Beach-

Seubadeh Beach via Steemit

Next, there is also the Seubadeh beach which has a natural beauty that is no less stunning, on the shores of this Seubadeh beach decorated by shady pine trees.

This beach has relatively calm waves so it is exciting and certainly safe to be used as a place for bathing and swimming.

Well, there is a tree that is quite viral on social media, there is a dead tree on the beach with dry branches and twigs making it interesting to be a photo spot.

-20. Thousand Stairs Waterfall-

Thousand Stairs Waterfall via Wasatha

In addition to the seven-level waterfall, there is also a thousand-stair waterfall which is no less interesting for us to visit. Named the thousand stairs waterfall because the flow of water that falls through the steps like stairs.

This natural waterfall is located in a dense forest that is still maintained by the beauty of the surrounding trees.

To get to this waterfall, tourists must pass the road by motorbike for about 1 hour, visitors still have to walk about half an hour to walk through the forest area.

-21. White sand beach-

White Sand Beach By Adi Yanto

Furthermore, there is also a white sand beach which is located adjacent to a cold water waterfall. This beach is very worthy for you to include in the list of natural tourist destinations in South Aceh next.

As the name implies, the beach sand here is very white, clean, so it makes us comfortable to linger for early sand play.

To make it even more exciting, come here in the afternoon, so you can see the beauty of the sunset on the western horizon into the ocean. You can relax on the beach which is equipped with a gazebo which is the best place to stop while enjoying the sunset.

-22. Black Stone Beach-

Black Stone Beach Adi Yanto’s Photo

Still in the form of a beach, there is also a famous black stone beach that has many culinary places around it. This beach is not too crowded by tourists.

However, this beautiful beach and has lush pine trees is very worthy for you to make a vacation spot plus enjoy ityet a variety of delicious culinary.

-23. Dragon Princess Bath-

Ksmtour . Dragon Princess Bath

The next tourist attraction in South Aceh is the dragon princess bath, which is said to have been made by a dragon for his son, the dragon princess.

This dragon princess bath is located close to the city center. To be able to enjoy fresh water that comes from these mountains, we only need to pay HTM “Rp 5,000,-.

-24. Jambo Hatta-

Jambo Hatta via Seconds

Jambo Hatta can be the next tourist destination. Jambo Hatta itself is a house that was once visited by Bung Hatta, the First Vice President of Indonesia.

From this jambo hatta we can see the city as a whole, because the location of this house is at a height.”

-25. Istiqamah Mosque Tapak Tuan-

Istiqamah Mosque Tapak Tuan

When it’s time for prayer, don’t forget to stop at the Tapak Tuan istiqamah mosque. This mosque that stands majestically has become an icon of the city of Tapak Tuan, you can make it a place for religious tourism, of course.”

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-26. Pala Park Tuan Tread-

Pala Park Master’s Site

Next, there is also the object of Tapak Tuan Taman Pala which is located on the edge of the gampong market beach, this place is a favorite destination for local residents for an afternoon walk.

This place is often used as a hangout place for young people, at this location there is an arena for rock climbing. Its beautiful location makes this place very comfortable to hang out.

-28. Leatherback Turtle Educational Tour-

Leatherback Turtle Educational Tour

If you like everything related to turtles, then you can come to the village of Silang Rantau, South Kluet District.

Here you can witness the life of leatherback turtles starting from preparing a place and laying eggs and hatching around the Lauser Coastal Coastal Silang reserve area in certain months.

-29. Cemara Beach Ujung Batu Pasieraja-

Cemara Beach Ujung Batu Pasieraja

Location: Border of Gampong Ujong Batee, Pasie Raja and Gampong Air Pinang, Tapaktuan District, South Aceh.

-30. Tuha Pasieraja Farm Beach-

Tuha Pasieraja Farm Beach

Location: Ladang Tuha Village, Pasie Raja Sub-district, South Aceh – 12 KM away from the district capital.

-31. Bangko Sea Lake-

Bangko Sea Lake via Youtube

Location: Pasi Lembang, Kluet Sel., South Aceh Regency

-32. Pinang Waterfall-

Location: Mersak Village, Kluet Tengah sub-district, South Aceh”

-33. Telago Batu Mersak Waterfall-

Telago Batu Mersak Waterfall via South Aceh Kab

Location of Mersak Village, Central Kluet District, South Aceh”

-34. Batee Puteh Beach-

Batee Puteh Beach via Steemit @Feezgraphy

Location: Lhok Aman, Meukek, South Aceh Regency

-35. East Bakongan Beach-

East Bakongan Beach via Tribunnews

Location: Jl Lintas Barat Sumatra, Tapaktuan-, Pasi Seubadeh, Bakongan Timur

-Hunting for Special Culinary in Dragon City-

Don’t forget if you visit South Aceh to taste the typical culinary of this Naga city. The typical culinary that only exists here, the most famous are Nutmeg Syrup and Asinan Nutmeg. You can also make it as a souvenir.”

That was an explanation of tourist attractions in South Aceh that can be a reference for an exciting and fun vacation. Of course, the various choices of tourist attractions above will be a memorable holiday filler in South Aceh.

In addition, don’t forget to invite the people closest to you to vacation together so that this vacation will be more exciting and full of memories.