28 Best & Most Hits Tourist Attractions in Aceh Jaya that are Beautifully Beautiful!

Tourist Attractions in Aceh Jaya – Aceh has a lot of potential that has not been optimally developed. One of the districts/cities in Aceh that has a lot of tourism potential is Aceh Jaya.

Aceh Jaya district may still be foreign to your ears because so far people are more familiar with the Aceh area. You need to know that Aceh Jaya Regency was once very famous as the area where the kings lived in Aceh.

The location of Aceh Jaya is precisely bordered by Aceh Besar District and Pidie District. As for the south is the Indian Ocean and West Aceh.

Not only famous as the residence of the King of Aceh, Aceh Jaya also has many very interesting tourist attractions to visit. Of course, tourist attractions in Aceh Jaya are very suitable to fill your vacation time.

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Aceh Jaya is indeed an area in Aceh that is rich in historical heritage and natural beauty. It’s no wonder that now more and more tourists are coming to Aceh Jaya to explore every corner of the beauty of tourist attractions in Aceh Jaya.

Recommended Tourist Attractions in Aceh Jaya

For those of you who are curious about tourist attractions in Aceh Jaya, you should not worry. Because the following “we recommend” the most popular tourist attractions in Aceh Jaya that you can visit while on vacation:

-1. Kuala Merisi Beach-

Kuala Merisi Beach via IG @awie_aska

The first tourist spot in Aceh Jaya is Kuala Merisi Beach. Where this one beach is a tourist spot that offers stunning beach views.

Even Kuala Merisi Beach is also very popular with the Legend of Bate Putri Ratu Meurendam Dewi. For those of you who want to vacation with your family, this beach is also the right choice.

Not only can you see the beauty of the marine nature that spoils the eyes, you can relax, swim or listen to the legendary story of Batee Putri Ratu Meuredem which is very popular and is located in Muara Kuala Merisi.

The location of this beach is on Jalan Titi Pahlawan, Dayah Baro Village, Krueng Sabee District, Aceh Jaya. Enjoying the sunset here is a good idea, especially if you can be alone with your partner, of course it will be more memorable.

-2. Pasie Saka Beach-

Pasie Saka Beach

Besides Kuala Merisi Beach, Aceh Jaya still has many beaches that can be visited while on vacation, namely Pasir Saka Beach. This beach is located about 14 kilometers from Sampoirit.

When you arrive at Pasir Saka Beach, you can enjoy the view of the beach with clean white sand and facing the Indian Ocean.

Of course this will provide its own beauty that will surely amaze you with the charming clean white sand. While at Pasir Saka Beach, you can also do other exciting activities such as relaxing, swimming, snorkeling or sunbathing in the hot sun.

The location of this beach is in Babah Nipah, Jeumpheuk Village, Sampoiniet District, Aceh Jaya Regency

-3. Kuala Dhoi Beach-

Kuala Dhoi Pantai Beach

The next tourist spot in Aceh Jaya is still about beach tourism, namely Kuala Dhoi Beach. Where this beach is located in a small village on the edge of the Indian Ocean or about 3 kilometers from Lageun and 12 kilometers from Calang, the capital city of Aceh Jaya.

Not much different from other beautiful beaches in Aceh Jaya, this beach offers white sand combined with beach conditions that are still quiet. This will certainly make you comfortable and at home when you unwind at Kuala Dhoi Beach.

This beach is one of the favorite tourist attractions of foreign tourists. Not even half-hearted, a German citizen David Dieter even built a bungalow for him to live in with his family.

Even David Dieter” promotes this beach to other German citizens, not even hesitate to invite tourists from Europe to visit this beautiful beach.

-4. Reusam Island-

Reusam Island

This tourist spot is in the form of an island which is a mainstay destination in Aceh Jaya. Reusam Island has white sand and bluish-green sea water so that it will be a stunning blend of natural scenery.

In addition, there are also shady pine trees around the beach which will further add to the beauty of the panorama of Reusam Island.

Especially while on this island you are allowed to snorkel or swim so that it will make a vacation on Reusam Island feel even more exciting and memorable.

Not only presents beautiful natural scenery, on this island there are also old cannons from the Dutch and Japanese heritage that you can visit from Regaih Village and Batee Tutong Village by boat.

-5. Tsunami Island-

Tsunami Island

Still continuing to tour the island, this time you must visit Tsunami Island which is no less beautiful than Reusam Island. You can visit Tsunami Island by taking thethe road for 2 hours from the provincial capital of Aceh.

The name of this island is very unique because it is still related to the tsunami that occurred in 2004.

Uniquely this Tsunami Island occurred due to an earthquake and tsunami so that it could be evidence of the enormity of the tsunami that hit Aceh at that time.

Even so, this island offers very beautiful natural scenery and looks like Mount Geurutee on the Nagara route.

For those of you who want to travel nature while remembering the history of the Aceh tsunami, please visit Tsunami Island because you are guaranteed to be amazed.

-6. Rigaih Bay-

Rigaih Bay

The next interesting tourist spot in the Aceh Jaya area is Teluk Rigaih. Where this bay is the most beautiful tourist destination and you must visit while in Aceh Jaya.

The location of Rigaih Bay is between Batee Tutong Village, Seumot Island and Rigaih Village, Setia Bakti District, Aceh Jaya. This bay is indeed visited by many tourists who want to see the beautiful panorama of the bay or can also snorkel, diving or fishing.

In addition to offering stunning natural panoramas, Rigaih Bay also has an underwater world that is no less astonishing. Because there are coral reefs that are still well preserved and decorated with colorful fish.

When you snorkel or dive, you can directly prove the beauty of the underwater world of Rigaih Bay, which is a shame to pass up.

-7. Teunom River Rafting-

Teunom River Rafting

In addition to marine tourism, Aceh Jaya also has natural attractions in the form of white water rafting which is guaranteed to stimulate adrenaline. The name Teunom River Rafting is one of the tourist destinations visited by many tourists.

This rafting starts from the upstream of the river to Sarah Jaya Village or Alue Lang Village. The duration of this rafting trip is usually about 3 hours.

However, during this trip across the Teunom river, you are guaranteed not to be bored because there are many flora and fauna treats. Geographically, this river is actually located in the Ulu Asem forest area which is still not much touched by humans.

The condition of the river current is quite heavy and along the river flow there are rocks and dozens of waterfalls that spoil the eye. Of course, participating in this Teunom River rafting activity is guaranteed to provide a different tourist sensation.

-8. Watching the Dolphins at the Peak of Lageun-

Watching Dolphins at Lageun Peak via Miftahul-syifa.blogspot.co.id

Aceh Jaya seems to be endless in presenting the best tourist attractions, including one of them is Puncak Lageun.

Uniquely, in the area most severely affected by the 2004 Aceh tsunami, you can not only enjoy the stunning beach panorama but also the view of dolphins from Lageun Peak.

Usually you can see the dolphins in the morning while enjoying the cool air at Lageun Peak.

However, the sight of a swarm of dolphins is rarely found so that only the lucky ones can see the sight of the dolphins.

The peak of Lageun is indeed one of the best spots to enjoy a very beautiful stretch of natural scenery. To be able to arrive at Puncak Lageun, you have to travel about 4 hours.

However, if you depart from Calang, it will only take 15 minutes. In addition to the beautiful scenery, at this location there are also several young coconut sellers and food that you can enjoy while relaxing.

-9. Geurutee Mountain Peak-

Geurutee Mountain Peak

The next tourist spot in Aceh Jaya is the Peak of Mount Geurutee. While in this tourist spot, you can see the beauty of the beach from the top of the mountain which will be an unforgettable tourist experience.

Mount Geurutee itself is located between Aceh Jaya and Aceh Besar which definitely offers a very beautiful natural panorama and makes anyone guaranteed to be fascinated.

To get to the top of Mount Keurutee, you will pass a group of hilly islands and beaches with blue sea water. The combination of natural charm will be a perfect sight and spoil the eyes.

-10. Keluang River Island-

Keluang River Island

Sungai Keluang Island is one of the tourist destinations in Aceh Jaya that presents natural scenery that is no less beautiful.

This island is actually side by side with Tsunami Island, so it’s no wonder that the beauty of the Keluang River island is guaranteed to amaze you. The charm of the marine nature combined with the surrounding nature becomes a beauty that is difficult to describe in words.

-11. Batee Tutong Village-

Batee Tutong Village

This tourist spot is indeed quite unique because it offers a quite unique view, namely the presence of withered trees every year that seem like they are on fire.

Batee Tutong Village itself is located in Calang City, Aceh Jaya. In addition, the location of this village is also not far from the beach, so it offers great viewsbro, nature is no less beautiful.

The beginning of giving the name Batee Tutong to this village is because every turn of the year in the trees of this village there is an island that withers like a fire.

Since then people have called this village by the name Bate Tutong which means burning stone. Even though the name of the village has now become Panton Makmur, the local people still call it Batee Tutong.

While in this village, tourists can enjoy Aceh’s unique culinary offerings that shake the tongue. In addition, tourists can also go to sea with residents who do some work as fishermen.

No need to worry when visiting Batee Tutong Village because local residents are always friendly to welcome tourists. Although in this village there is no lodging for tourists, many residents rent out empty rooms for tourists who want to spend the night.

-12. Nie Pineung Sea Lake Atmosphere-

Nie Pineung Sea Lake Atmosphere

Nie Pienung Suasa Sea Lake is a lake located in the hills in Pasi Timon Village, Teunom. Where this lake also presents an unspoiled natural panorama.

In addition, around the lake there are also red betel nut trees and various types of rare flowers that will further enhance the scenery around the lake. There are also freshwater fish in this lake that tourists can fish.

-13. Lhok Gelumpang-

Lhok Geulumpang

Lhoke Gelumpang is a natural forest area which is located overlooking the Indian Ocean. The condition of the sloping beach and white sand makes this beach very suitable for sunbathing, diving, snorkeling and swimming.

The stunning underwater nature with various types of protected marine life will give a different feel when traveling to Lhok Gelumpang.

-14. Lamno Blue Eye Village-

Lamno Blue Eyes Village

When visiting Aceh Jaya, don’t miss visiting Lamno Blue Eye Village. So far, the average Asian has black or brown eyes.

However, this turned out to be different for the people of Kampung Lamno. Because in this village many residents have blue eyes due to marriages between local residents and immigrants from Europe.

This makes their physical appearance resemble Europeans. Even though many people died during the tsunami, the existence of blue-eyed people still exists today. To enter this village area, tourists also do not need to pay a ticket.

Even local residents are also very happy to welcome tourists who come so you don’t need to worry if you want to visit Lamno Blue Eye Village.

-15. Meurehom Daya tombstone-

Meurehom Daya’s gravestone

This tourist spot is the tomb of a king in Lamno which is also one of the historical tourist sites that must be visited in Aceh Jaya.

This Meurehom Daya gravestone offers educational tours that can increase knowledge about the great struggle of the Acehnese people to fight against the invaders. Not only has a burial area, in this tourist spot there are also former war cannons and military tanks that used to belong to the Dutch colonial.

-16. Ceuraceu Embon Waterfall-

Ceuraceu Embon Waterfall via Steemit

In addition to offering marine tourism, Aceh Jaya also has waterfall tours, including one of them is Ceuraceu Embon Waterfall. Where this waterfall is located is hidden in Pasie Raya, Aceh Jaya.

To go to this waterfall, tourists must use water transportation with a travel time of one hour. Tiredness during the trip will pay off when you see the stunning panorama of the waterfall.

The clear water and cool atmosphere are certainly the right mix of tours to fill your vacation. The location of the waterfall which is surrounded by forest is also a distinct advantage that gives it a very beautiful feel.

The water that flows in this waterfall comes from Mount Ceuraceu, so it’s no wonder that it feels so cold when it touches the skin. Although it offers a very beautiful view, this waterfall tour is still not visited by many tourists because maybe not many people know about it.

-17. Conservatin Response Unit (CRU)-

Conservative Response Unit (CRU) via Mongabay

This tourist spot is a place for the conservation of wild elephants so that they are tame and do not damage plantations or residents’ settlements.

This is where the elephants are trained in various activities so that they are more friendly to humans and can reduce conflicts between humans and elephants that have often arisen.

In addition, tourists can also participate in bathing and riding the elephants with their handlers. This tourist experience will certainly make you feel a different sensation of traveling.

Moreover, the elephants are located in a conservation area in the open so that the feel of adventure will be felt even more.

-18. Ujong Gla Beach

Ujong Gla Beach via IG @alan_hardi

w . placeThe next trip in Aceh Jaya is Ujong Gla beach, which is located in Gampong Kuala Bakong, Sampoiniet District, Aceh Jaya Regency. “The location of this beach is close to the location of Pasie Saka beach.

The beauty of this beach has a very extraordinary beauty, plus it has a coastline and the blue sea is bordered by rocks.

This beach is predicted by the local community as the /Costarica/ of Aceh. Ujung Gla Beach is also one of the best places to enjoy the beauty of nature.

This beach has big waves because the wind here blows hard. This beach is one of the halal tourist destinations in Aceh that you must visit.

-19. Aceh Jaya Flower Garden-

Aceh Jaya Flower Garden via IG @nuraisyah_nst04

Recently, various celosia flower gardens have gone viral in various areas, one of which is in Alue Piet Village, Panga District, ACeh Jaya.

This flower garden is one of the best photo spots in Aceh Jaya. How not, the children upload their stormy photos on their social media accounts, so many people are interested in taking pictures here.

To be able to enter the Celosia flower garden in Aceh Jaya, you only need to pay an entrance ticket of Rp. 10,000. Inside there is a “Dutch-style house built on the side of the garden.

The flower garden which stands on 1 hectare of land is the main attraction for the people of Calang and surrounding areas. Even from outside the area are also willing to come all the way to see the beauty of this park.

The location of the park which is on the edge of the Calang – Meulaboh national road makes it very accessible. In addition to offering beauty, the park which was just inaugurated in 2018 also has Caffee, Pondok Saung and even windmills are already available here.

-20. Keuh Patek Island-

Keuh Patek Island via IG @iam_sipop

Still a marine tourist attraction, you can also visit the island of Keuh Patek which is no less beautiful than the Gilis in Lombok.

So for those of you who are on a low budget and want a vacation to Lombok, just come here. Not when it’s beautiful.

You can see the beautiful underwater world here. You can find a variety of beautiful fish among the coral reefs.

Meanwhile, for those of you who like to surf, this beach also offers a challenging sensation for you. No wonder why many tourists who come here in droves.

This beach itself is located in the village of Gampong Baro Patek, Darul Hikmah District, Aceh Jaya. Many foreign tourists come here, including from Australia and Canada.

For foreign tourists, a ticket of “Rp 50-100 thousand / person and includes a boat crossing. However, on this island there is no accommodation either hotel or homestay in Keuh Patek.

Hopefully, by the time you read this article in the future, there will already be resorts and hostels to serve the tourists who come.

-21. Lhok Geulumpang Beach-

Lhok Geulumpang Beach via Youtube

The next tourist spot in Aceh Jaya is Lhok Geulumpang beach which is located in Setia Bakti District, Aceh Jaya.

This beach has become one of the tourist attractions that are in demand by the local community and even outside the area. Moreover, this beach has been managed better at this time.

In the past, this beach in the 2000s was victorious and always crowded but dimmed. And this, this beach has been re-operated to the maximum, so tourists have also started to get busy again to enjoy their vacation here.

-22. Aron Meubanja Turtle Conservation-

Aron Meubanja Turtle Conservation via Tribunnews

In addition to visiting Aron Meubanja beach for your holiday destination, you can also increase your knowledge at Aron Meubanja Turtle Conservation.

The location of this beach is only about 1 kilometer from the Calang – Meulaboh national road, to be precise in Keude Panga Village, Panga District, Aceh Jaya Regency.

Aron Meubanja’s group is the manager of this turtle conservation. They have succeeded in releasing thousands of turtles into the sea in collaboration with many institutions, both government and non-government.

In addition to seeing turtle conservation, this beach is also equipped with several supporting facilities such as Educational Facilities, Out Bond, Pondok and MCK.

-23. Sarah Dewi Water Tour-

For those of you who want to get wet, you can visit the water tourist destination Sarah Dewi, which is located in Gle Putoh Village, Pangan District, Aceh Jaya.

This tourist attraction is managed by the Village and is still under development but has also been opened to visitors in general.

-24. Nisero Beach-

Nisero Beach via saidmuniruddin.com

Next, you can also visit Nisero beach which has a long history. This beach holds the story of the British ship Nisero that was stranded in Panga, in 1883.

The location of this beach is in Kuta Tuha Village, Panga District, Aceh Jaya Regency. It is located about 1.5 km from the Calang – Meulaboh national road.

The facilities on this beach are quite complete, starting from Caffee, MCK, Pondok and Lokfishing milk. So for those of you who are looking for a vacation spot in Panga District, this beach can be your choice.

The parking fee on this beach is only IDR 2,000 for two-wheeled vehicles and IDR 5,000 for four-wheeled vehicles.

-25. Alue Itam Waterfall-

Alue Itam Waterfall via Republikaceh

The next natural tourist spot in Aceh Jaya is water tejrun alue itam which later became viral due to uploads on visitors’ social media.

The waterfall, which is managed by the Laot Bhe Group, is about 16 kilometers from the Calang – Meulaboh national road. For those of you who are interested in bathing in this waterfall, please come to Gunong Buloh Village, Panga District, Aceh Jaya Regency.

-26. Laot Bhe Lake

Laot Bhee Lake via Youtube

The next tourist spot in Aceh Jaya is Laot Bhe Lake which is located in Gunong Buloh Village, Panga District, Aceh Jaya Regency.

This beach offers water tourism for you. For the entrance ticket, you only need to pay a parking fee, which is IDR 2,000 for two-wheeled vehicles and IDR 5,000 for four-wheeled vehicles.

-27. Ceuraceu Alue Teungoh-

Ceuraceu Alue Teungoh via Youtube

The next waterfall in Aceh Jaya is Ceuraceu Alue Teungoh. Although only a mini size, this waterfall is interesting you know to visit.

The location of this mini waterfall is in Kabu Village, Panga District, Aceh Jaya Regency. The distance is only approximately 5 kilometers from the national road. So it’s pretty easy to access.

To enjoy the coolness of this waterfall, you are not charged an entrance ticket, you know, you only pay for parking, which is Rp. 2,000 for two-wheeled vehicles and Rp. 5,000 for four-wheeled vehicles.

-28. Ujong Pusong Beach-

Ujong Pusong Beach via Buanaindonesia

Still a beach, the next beach in Aceh Jaya that you can visit is Ujung Pusong beach which is located in Lhok Buya Village, Setia Bakti District, Aceh Jaya.

This beach is a new tourist attraction in Aceh Jaya. Previously this beach was not managed properly, but now the village youth manage this beach so that it is more organized and better maintained than before.

According to the plan, in the future this beach will be equipped with a mini waterboom. Maybe when you read this article it is already available.

This beach is very friendly with children because on this beach there is a children’s bath that is not directly connected to the sea.

That’s information about recommended tourist attractions in Aceh Jaya that can be a reference if you want to travel to Aceh Jaya. Knowing these tourist attractions will make it easier for you when planning a trip. That way, your trip is guaranteed to be more exciting and certainly very enjoyable.