25 Newest & Most Hits Tourist Attractions in Central Aceh that You Must Visit!

Tourist Attractions in Central Aceh” – Central Aceh is a district located about 314.3 kilometers from the capital city of Aceh Province, Banda Aceh or about 6-7 hours by road.

Central Aceh district has a district capital named Takengon. However, the Takengon people often refer to Central Aceh as Gayo because in general the people in the region use the Gayo language.

You need to know that Central Aceh or Takengon offers various charms of beauty found in its tourist attractions. Of course, tourist attractions in Central Aceh are perfect for you to visit when the holiday season arrives or on weekends.

Tourist attractions in Central Aceh are indeed very diverse ranging from nature tourism, historical tourism, cultural tourism to culinary tourism. Of course, the various choices of tourist attractions should not be missed when you visit Central Aceh.

With the beauty of these tourist attractions, it is not surprising that now Central Aceh is increasingly visited by tourists not only from Central Aceh but also from various regions in Indonesia and even abroad.

Tourist Attractions in Central Aceh

For those of you who are curious about the charm of the beauty of tourist attractions in the Central Aceh region, the following recommendations will be given for you.

-1. Fresh Sea Lake-

Laut Tawar Lake via Acehprov.go.id

The first tourist spot in Central Aceh is a lake located in the Gayo Highlands, Central Aceh. The area of ​​Lake Laut Tawar is about 5,472 hectares with a length of 17 kilometers and a width of 3,219 kilometers.

This lake is indeed very wide so that it can provide many benefits for the Gayo Tribe for their daily water needs.

In addition to being a source of livelihood for the surrounding community, this lake is also often used as a tourist attraction by tourists from various directions and some even come from abroad.

When visiting Lake Laut Tawar, you can enjoy the beautiful natural panorama. Moreover, the location of this lake is flanked by 2 hills so that it will give a more charming impression.

You need to know that in the lake there is a wealth of flora and fauna, including depik fish as a fish species that can only be found in this lake.

-2. Goa Loyang Datu Merah-

Goa Loyang Datu Merah via Travelink Magazine

This tourist spot is one of the most interesting places in Central Aceh. Because tourists can not only enjoy the beautiful natural scenery but also learn the legends stored in this cave.

The legend in this cave is indeed very popular and has been passed down from generation to generation. No wonder this cave tourist attraction is increasingly in demand by tourists who want to see its beauty while hearing the story of the legend.

-3. Goa Loyang Koro-

Goa Loyang Koro

Loyang Koro Cave Tourism is located on the shores of Laut Tawar lake which you can take as far as 5 kilometers from Takengon Regency.

In addition, the location of this cave is at the foot of Mount Birahpanyang with a cave depth of 110 meters. To get to the location of this cave you can walk through the path.

Usually, a trip to a cave aims to see the natural beauty, but in this cave you can also learn about history. Where the historical story is also a silent witness to the journey of life in the past.

Even declining the growing belief, this cave is a passageway to sob. Through this cave the buffalo herders bring their livestock.

In addition, there are other stories that this cave was once the hiding place of the Sultan of Aceh from the pursuit of the Portuguese and Dutch troops.

-4. Mangaya Falls –

Kaya Waterfall via Gayo Traveling

The next tourist destination in Central Aceh is still related to natural tourism, namely the Mangaya waterfall. The location of this waterfall is still hidden, so it is not surprising that it is still very beautiful and natural.

The beauty of this waterfall has managed to hypnotize many tourists so it is not surprising that the number of visitors to Mangaya waterfall always increases from time to time.

To go to Mangaya waterfall, you have to pass a road planted with coffee. This will actually add to the beauty of the scenery along the way.

Not only coffee plantations, you can also walk along the very wide Lake Laut Tawar. The freshness of the clear and natural waterfall is certainly a blend of natural beauty that really spoils you.

-5. Takengon City –

Takengon City via Wikipedia

The next tourist spot in Central Aceh is Takengon City. Where Takengon City has the meaning of a turn. To go to Takengon City you have to pass through various bends during the trip.

Of course, the road with incline, mountain slopes and hills must be ready for you to go through before arriving in Takengon City. For those of you who like challenges, the road to Takengon City is perfect for adrenaline but make sure you stay careful.

Duringon the way you will also be spoiled by the natural scenery that is very beautiful and beautiful so you are guaranteed not to get bored easily.

The city of Takengon is indeed known as a city above the clouds with an altitude of 1200 meters above sea level so you can see the stunning scenery in the highlands.

In addition, you can enjoy various types of interesting tourist objects, natural panoramas, culinary tours, biking and refreshing. No wonder the City of Takengon is usually always crowded with tourists, especially during holidays.

-6. Men Beach-

Mene Beach via Ajnn

The next tourist attraction in the form of marine tourism, namely Mene Beach. The name of this beach is indeed very unique, namely the word nye which means pampered.

Usually the local people call this beach a beach for pampering. When you are on this beach, you can feel the sensation as if you were on a real beach.

Because you can feel the waves to wash your feet, the cool breeze, the wide arch of the beach and the paintings of natural beauty decorated by circular mountain peaks.

At first glance, many do not realize they are in a lake or sea. You need to know that in fact Mene Beach is a traditional horse racing location.

Usually the horses here will be spurred by jockeys who pass quickly on the water’s edge so that it seems to be the pounding of the waves on the beach.

For those of you who are interested in visiting Mene Beach, please come to Across the City of Takengon, precisely on the east side of the lake.

-7. Eggplant Butt –

Pantan Eggplant via Travellingyuk

Pantan Terong is a tourist spot that has been visited by many local and foreign tourists. For those of you who like natural beauty, Pantan Terong is the right choice.

Because this tourist spot has a very stunning natural panorama. For those of you who are curious about Pantan Eggplant, please come to Bebesan District, Central Aceh or about 7.5 kilometers from Takengon.

The location of Pantan Terong is at an altitude of 1,803 masl so it’s no wonder that the air here is very cool and fresh. Maybe some of you are still curious about Eggplant Beach.

Where this tourist spot is a hill that presents a beautiful view of Lake Laut Tawar. In addition, tourists who come to this tourist spot can also try Paragliding which will be assisted by an instructor.

When flying with paragliding, you can enjoy the sensation of natural beauty that makes you stunned.

-8. Bur Telege –

Bur Telege via coil

Bur Telege is a tourist spot in Bale Village, Takengon, Central Aceh. Bur Telege is still included in the new tourist attractions in Central Aceh.

Even before it became a tourist area. Bur Telege is a stretch of scrubland nestled in a pine forest.

Seeing the potential that can be developed from the expanse of shrubs, the surrounding community seeks to develop and improve the area.

For these efforts, now the expanse of shrubs has become a clean and beautiful location. Of course, Bur Telege has beautiful spots so it is very suitable as a tourist spot.

Usually local artists often hold art shows in this area while entertaining visitors. One of the most famous spots of Bur Telege is the flying rug spot.

From the flying rug spot you can see a stunning and awe-inspiring natural panorama.

-9. Ruhama Takengon Mosque –

Ruhama Takengong Grand Mosque

As an area known as the Veranda of Mecca, it is not surprising that in the Aceh area there are many mosque buildings, including in the Central Aceh area.

Of the many mosques in the Takengon area, the Ruhama Takengon mosque is one of the prides of the Takengon community.

Majid Ruhama can accommodate about 2000 worshipers. In the dome there are ornaments of typical Gayo paintings and the dome is a golden dome.

In addition, this mosque is also always kept clean and beautiful so that tourists or pilgrims who come can feel a comfortable and calm atmosphere.

-10. Rafting at Krueng Peusangan-

Rafting at Krueng Peusangan

If you really like adrenaline-pumping challenges, then you must come to Rafting at Krueng Peusangan. The Kureng Peusangan River has a water source that comes from Lake Laut Tawar.

In addition, the scenery on the river is also charming, making tourists more comfortable. While on the Krueng Peusangan River you can try white water rafting because the river current is very heavy.

When rafting you are also spoiled by the view of green trees that line up neatly on the right side of the river so that it gives the sensation of being one with nature.

To try the challenging sensation of rafting, you can try at Krueng (river) Peusangan, Lukup Badak, Pegasing District, Central Aceh Regency.” We can use this rafting as a holiday reference.Ran with your family, you can try current challenges from easy to difficult to even very extreme.”

-11. Gayo Waterpark –

Gayo Waterpark

If you want to invite your family to play in the water, then Gayo Waterpark is the choice. Because Gayo Waterpark, which is located in Takengon, has a variety of exciting water rides.

With an area of ​​about 1.5 hectares, this area is large enough to enjoy water rides. Besides being able to play in the water, visitors can relax while enjoying the beautiful natural panorama around the waterpark.

Of course, the combination of rides and the surrounding scenery will be a memorable tourist experience in Central Aceh.

-12. Star Village –

The next tourist spot is Bintang Village which is on the east side of Lake Laut Tawar. While in Bintang Village, you can watch the Gayo Horse Race and boat races.

Usually when the Gayo horse race is held, many spectators come and the participants are also not less. It can even reach 300 participants for each horse racing competition.

The location of Bintang Village which is close to the lake makes this area very beautiful. There is also a place to eat by the lake that you can visit while enjoying the panoramic view of the lake.

-13. Buntul Rhino –

Buntul Rintis via IG @husnavioga

The next tourist spot in the Central Aceh area is Buntul Rintis. This tourist spot offers very beautiful natural scenery so it is perfect for spot photography.

For those of you who want to visit Buntul Rintis, please come to Tansaren Village, Bebesan, Central Aceh.

While in Buntul Rintis you can pose in a giant bird’s nest, miniature Dutch houses, Doraemon-style doors and so on.

To enter Buntul Rintis, tourists also have to pay an entrance ticket which is still relatively cheap. Even so, the charm of the beauty of Buntul Rintis is guaranteed to amaze you.

-14. Leweng Lancuk –

Lancuk Leweng via busy.org

This tourist spot turned out to be made by creative young people in the Asir-Asir Village area, Lut Tawar District, Central Aceh. This Lancuk Leweng tourist spot is relatively new in Takengon but has begun to be visited by many tourists.

Usually tourists who come to this tourist spot want to see the beauty of the sunrise and sunset which is so exotic.

Even while watching this natural phenomenon you can while enjoying a cup of coffee with the cool air so that it becomes a perfect combination.

Visiting Bur Lancuk Leweng can make you feel peaceful, because you can see the blue expanse of the lake and also the rows of buildings in Takengon City.

-15. Goa Putri Pukes-

Goa Putri Pukes via Triptrus

Central Aceh is indeed endless in presenting charming natural attractions, including one of them is Putri Pukes Cave.

This cave has a legend where there used to be a princess named Putri Pukes. The princess married a young man from a different country.

One day the daughter’s parents said that when the princess left the kingdom, she should not look back.

But when the princess was about to leave the kingdom she felt sad because she had to leave her father and mother so that the princess looked back.

Suddenly there was a thunderstorm accompanied by rain and wind. Then the princess and her bodyguard took refuge in a cave but the princess’s body slowly hardened and made her continue to cry.

Based on the information given by the cave guards, it is known that around 1990 the Putri Pukes statue in the cave still looks like a person who is prostrating.

However, because the cave’s stalagmites fell, the statue became less clear. Although until now the legend still raises question marks, but Goa Putri Pukes you really need to visit when you go to Central Aceh.

-16. Or China-

This tourist spot is still around Lake Laut Tawar but Atu Tingkok offers a strategic place to see the beauty of Lake Laut Tawar from a height.

Even from Atu Tingkok, you can see more clearly the beauty of Takengon City when compared to Pantan Terong. No need to worry about going to Atu Tingkok because it only takes 2 kilometers from the center of Takengon City.

When you arrive at Atu Tingkok you will feel like you are on a natural stage that presents a very beautiful stretch of natural scenery.

The sound of the leaves blowing in the wind and the cool air will certainly make you feel at home for long in this tourist spot.

-17. Lukup Panalan Pier-

Lukup Panalan Pier via Steemit

Next you can also visit the Lukup Panalan pier which is a tourist attraction as well as for exercising.”

So if you want to exercise and then continue to enjoy the beautiful nature, then you can visit this lukup panalan pier.

The location of this tourist attraction is in the city of Gayo, Aceh TengAh. There is a long /jogging track/ here which is a shame if you miss it for a small sport with the family.”

The scenery here is cool, you will be presented with views of “hills and lakes making a vacation with family very enjoyable.”

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-18. Coffee Gallery-

Coffee Gallery

For those of you who love coffee, coming to Takengon Aceh Tengah, it doesn’t feel good if you don’t taste gayo coffee directly from the source. In Takengon you can see a very wide expanse of coffee plantations. Because coffee here is exported to various regions in Indonesia. Are you ready for those who don’t know Gayo coffee? Gayo coffee is very well known, available in almost all coffee shops in Indonesia. Well, if you go to Takengon, you can enjoy coffee in the coffee garden area directly. You can travel while enjoying coffee at the Coffee Gallery which is located in the Pegasing area, Central Aceh Regency. Tourists who come will definitely feel at home for a long time at the Coffee Gallery Coffee Shop, because we can enjoy coffee complete with its fragrant aroma, plus accompanied by the always chirping of birds. can be heard when we are in the coffee plantation. Here you can enjoy Gayo coffee with Espresso, Cappuccino, Mochacino, to Latte dishes while pampering the eyes with a natural atmosphere that is so calm and peaceful.” In addition to providing a variety of coffee, here there is also a stomach booster. There are many delicious snacks that you can make as a hunger buster. There are huts made of wood or houses on stilts as high as 2 meters, in the middle of a stretch of arabica coffee trees. While sipping espresso, enjoy the faint music playing.” Wow, that’s a complete taste!

-19. Boat Mooring, Kampung Lot Kala-

Lot Kala Village via IG @arifmetuah16

Next, you can also visit the Boat Mooring in the Lot Kala Village area. Up here you will be greeted by large writing when you enter this Takengon tour. You and your family can take pictures with the /background /big writing ‘Lot Kala Boat Tethering’. Just like in Hollywood there.

Vacations here are so exciting, because you and your family can see the beautiful view of the lake surrounded by several small boats.

Don’t forget to also take pictures at the beautiful dock decorated with wooden ornaments with containers resembling bird cages in every corner of the lights that are installed.

-20. Kaya Waterfall-

Kaya Waterfall via Gayo Traveling

The next natural tourist spot in Central Aceh is the Mengaya waterfall which is located in the Mengaya Village, Bintan District, Central Aceh.

As with other waterfalls, to reach this Mengaya waterfall requires a struggle, because the location is hidden.

But the struggle to reach this waterfall will pay off when you arrive and see how beautiful this not-so-big waterfall is.

If you visit this waterfall, don’t forget to bring a change of clothes, because you won’t be able to resist the temptation to go swimming and bathing here.

Prepare equipment if you want to come here, wear comfortable shoes and make sure you bring a waterproof camera. So that you can take pictures freely while bathing.

-21. Goa Loyang Koro-

Goa Loyang Koro

For those of you who like to shrink caves, there is a Koro pan cave that is ready for you to explore. This cave is quite famous in Takengon, it’s famous for being mystical, friend

So for those of you who are less mentally ill, don’t come here. Because it takes a strong mentality to walk through the cave which has two mystical statues.

The location of the Loyang Koro cave is located in the village of Toweren, Kec. The Fresh Sea of ​​Takengon, Central Aceh.

-22. Mendale Pan-

Pan Mendale via Lintasgayo

Loyang Mendele or if in Indonesian, Goa Mendele is the next tourist destination in Central Aceh.

This cave, which has historical value, is said to have ancient human fossils that are approximately 7,400 years old.

Is it true? Wallahu ‘Alam, the name is also an expert’s prediction, it can be right, it can be wrong. Actually this Mendele pan is more like a niche than a cave. Located on the shores of Lake Laut Tawar.”

-23. Bur Gayo Highland-

Bur Gayo Highland

Next, you can visit Bur Gayo Highland which is similar to Hollywood writing spots in America there. This spot is the highest in “Takengon.

Visiting “Gayo Highland will make you feel like you have visited a land above the clouds. How not, this hill is almost faithful when it is always covered by fog. Makes it even more exotic, of course.

From the top of this hill we can see amazing views of the lake and mountain ranges. Accompanied by cool air. Your days will definitely be fun here.

-24. Mount Stop Eye-

Mount Singga Mata via Youtube

Is a mountain located between two districts namely Nagan Raya and Central Aceh.

-25. Bur Bulet Waterfall-

Bur Bulet Waterfall via Ksmtour

Location in Bur Bulet Waterfall, Wih, Wih Ilang, Pegasing, Central Aceh Regency, Aceh.

That’s the explanationregarding recommendations for tourist attractions in Central Aceh that can add to your reference. For those of you who want to try a vacation to Central Aceh, please choose some of the tourist attractions that have been presented above.

Of course, these tourist attractions provide a memorable travel experience and make your vacation more enjoyable.

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