24 Newest & Most Hits Tourist Attractions in Aceh Besar that You Must Visit

Tourist Attractions in Aceh Besar – Aceh is a province located at the western tip of Indonesia. As a province, of course Aceh consists of several parts of the region including one of them is Aceh Besar District.

Where Aceh Besar District also has a variety of natural attractions that can be visited both on weekdays and during holidays. Most natural attractions in the Aceh Besar area still feel very natural, so it’s no wonder that access to tourist attractions is still quite difficult.

Even so, tourist attractions in Aceh Besar are guaranteed to be exciting and of course make your holiday moments even more enjoyable.

The number of tourist attractions in Aceh Besar makes this area visited by many tourists, both domestic and foreign. Of course, each tourist attraction has a uniqueness that will surely amaze and fascinate you when visiting Aceh Besar.

The Most Hits Tourist Places in Aceh Besar

The following will be given references to tourist attractions in the Aceh Besar area that will make you even more curious and can’t wait to visit this area.

-1. Jantho Nature Reserve-

Jantho Nature Reserve via IG @mustari1904

The first tourist spot in Aceh Besar is the Jantho Nature Reserve. Where this nature reserve is located in Jantho City, the capital of Aceh Besar, which is located about 9 kilometers.

To go to the Jantho Nature Reserve, you can use private or public vehicles. Like other nature reserves, the Jantho Nature Reserve is a protected area for the government of Nangroe Aceh Darussalam.

In this nature reserve there are a variety of flora and fauna that live and are preserved in this nature reserve. If you want to visit the Jantho Nature Reserve, you should only do it during the dry season.

Because that’s when you can enjoy a very beautiful natural scenery. The types of fauna that live in this nature reserve include elephants, mouse deer, deer, deer, forest cats, bears, slow lorises and others. As for the flora, namely resin, medang, ebony, meranti, kandis and others.

-2. Mount Seulawah-

Mount Seulawah via Wikipedia

Nature tourism in Aceh Besar also consists of mountain tourism, namely Mount Seulawah Agam. The tourist area of ​​Mount Seulawah Agam has a variety of flora and fauna that can add insight to tourists.

For the types of flora and fauna that exist in this mountain area, namely Sumatran tigers, hornbills, kedih, mushrooms and so on. According to information circulating, later Seulawah Agam and its twin, Seulawah Inong, will become a conservation area.

This seems to be very important to do because of the increasing number of illegal wood encroachments that damage the environment.

-3. Elephant Training Center-

Elephant Training Center

In the Aceh Besar area there is also an Elephant Saree Training Center which turns out to have many benefits for the environment. Because, elephants can help the process of plowing seeds naturally through the process of ruminating they do.

In addition, elephant dung can also be used as fertilizer to accelerate the growth of plant sprouts. Elephant dung can also be used as organic fertilizer that can fertilize forest areas crossed by elephants.

At first, the elephants in the Saree Elephant Training Center were wild elephants which were later captured so as not to damage the people’s gardens.

The elephants that have entered the Elephant Training Center will be trained so as not to damage the gardens belonging to residents but instead provide benefits for the surrounding environment.

-4. Lhok Mee Beach

Lhok Mee Beach via IG @bobby_hrp

This tour is located in the Aceh Besar area or about 20 meters from the city of Banda Aceh. This beach is indeed a tourist attraction that you must visit when visiting Aceh Besar.

Because this one tourist attraction offers a very stunning natural beauty. Uniquely, Lho Mee Beach not only presents beach views but also plants around the beach that add to the exoticism.

While on this Lhok Mee beach, you can see the waves sweeping the white sand which will be even more beautiful when the afternoon arrives. Because on this beach you will see a tinge of clouds and the sky that gives a yellowish red gradation that spoils the eyes.

In this coastal area there are many coconut trees that line up neatly around the beach. Not only coconut trees, this beach is also decorated with aron and cypress trees so that it will add to the natural impression of this beach.

This natural and attractive beach condition makes tourists from all over the world not want to miss the opportunity to relax while enjoying the beauty of Lhoke Mee Beach which is already quite popular in Aceh Besar.

-5. Babah Dua Beach-

Babah Dua Beach via Tribunnews

Babah Dua Beach is a beach that offers a different beauty from other beaches in Aceh Besar.

Because this beach offers views of the sea water whose color is really exotic blue. Moreover the sound of dustThe waves combined with the sheen of white sand will certainly make your vacation at Babah Dua Beach even more perfect.

The color of the turquoise sea water makes the eyes of anyone who looks at it will be fascinated. Moreover, the expanse of clean white sand, you know, coupled with the background of rock cliffs and clusters of pine, makes this beach even more exotic without being polished.

Currently, this beach is even more beautiful, with the addition of several contemporary and /instagenic/ photo spots. Guaranteed you will itch to be immediately taken with the camera.

There are flower bouquets bearing the symbol of a heart, garden chairs, swings and a number of other photo spots, making this beach more attractive to tourists.

The location of the beach which is not too far from the center of the capital Banda Aceh makes it very easy to reach by tourists from various regions in Indonesia.

The distance is only about 15 km which can be reached in only 45 minutes. It is located in “Lhoknga District, Aceh Besar.

You can reach this beach by public transportation or private vehicle. For users of public transportation, you have to connect with a motorcycle taxi service to get to this exotic beach. Because the distance is quite good from public transport stops, about 500 meters. But if you are used to walking, it will be even more fun.

-6. Lampuuk Beach-

Lampuuk Beach via Google Plus

Lampuuk Beach is a beach in Lhoknga District, Aceh Besar which offers a variety of fun because tourists can do various activities on this beach.

Starting from swimming, playing water, playing sand, fishing to surfing, everything can be done on this beach. This is because the condition of the shallow beach water, safe waves and white sand will certainly be the right mix.

Before the 2004 tsunami, this beach was visited by many tourists because of its beauty. But now that beauty has faded because it was hit by the tsunami.

Even so, the local government is now trying to improve Lampuuk beach so that it can become a tourist prima donna again.

If you go to this beach from the provincial capital of Banda Aceh, then you only need about 30 minutes to get to the location.

In addition to enjoying the beauty of this clean white beach, you can also pamper your tongue on this beach, because along the shoreline there are stalls that provide a variety of delicious culinary delights for you, young coconuts are also ready to wet your dry throat.

Oh yes, on this beach there are also various rides, you know. You can feel the sensation of playing in the water that challenges the banana boat.

-7. Ujong Batee Beach-

Ujong Batee Beach via IG @fzkiul

Ujong Batee Beach is a beach located in Masjid Raya District, Aceh Besar. This beach seems to be very mandatory for you to visit because it offers very beautiful and soothing natural scenery.

With the color of the blue sea water and white sand, it will certainly be a blend of natural scenery that spoils the eyes.

When compared to other beaches, this beach tends to be quiet because it is rarely visited by tourists.

Uniquely, on the right side of Ujong Batee Beach there is Pulau Weh in the free sea at the entrance to the Malacca Strait. As for the left side of this beach is the island of Aceh in the Indian Ocean.

-8. Suhom Waterfall-

Suhom Waterfall via IG @pesonaaceh_

Not only beaches, tourist attractions in Aceh Besar are also waterfalls which are definitely still natural and offer stunning natural beauty.

One of them is the Suhom waterfall which has unspoiled natural scenery and the road to the location is no less astonishing.

Because the view of the beach with the waves and the mountain range will make the trip to the waterfall as if you will not feel tired. For those of you who like adventure, this Suhom waterfall tourist spot is the most appropriate choice.

No need to worry if it’s your first time visiting this waterfall because there will be a tour guide ready to accompany your trip.

In addition, along the way there are durian trees whose fruit you can eat for free. Usually the surrounding community uses this waterfall as micro hydro power which is placed near the waterfall. From that power source, Kreung Kala Village can get electricity supply.

-9. Kuta Malacca Waterfall-

Kuta Malacca Waterfall via youtube

The name of this waterfall is indeed based on its location which is in the Kuta Malacca area, Samahani, Aceh Besar.

For those of you who want to go to Kuta Malaka Waterfall from Banda Aceh, please take a 30 kilometer journey first.

When you arrive at the Kuta Malacca waterfall, you will see a multi-level waterfall with a height of about 600 meters. Besides shapeUniquely, this waterfall has a fairly heavy discharge but the water conditions are not too clear.

According to information obtained from the community, the number of levels in this waterfall is 8 levels, but some say 20 levels. Even so, the beauty of this waterfall should not be missed when visiting Aceh Besar.

-10. Peukan Biluy Waterfall-

Peukan Biluy Waterfall via IG @irwansyah.hanafiah90

Another stunning waterfall in the Aceh Besar area is Peukan Biluy Waterfall. The location of this waterfall is in Biluy Village, Darul Kamal District, Aceh Besar.

To go to this beautiful waterfall, you should prepare a lot of energy and if necessary bring supplies. Because to be able to enjoy the beauty of the waterfall, you have to travel by climbing stairs with a slope of 45 degrees.

Even though you have to go through a long journey, all of that will be paid off when you arrive at the waterfall location.

The beauty of the panorama of the water that flows freely and freshly becomes a beauty that is difficult to describe in words. Usually, local people often visit this waterfall to unwind while on vacation with family.

-11. Pocut Meurah Intan Forest Park-

Pocut Meurah Intan Forest Park via Acehprov.go.id

Not only waterfalls and beaches, attractions in Aceh Besar are also the Rara Pocut Meurah Intan Forest Park. In 1990, the Government of the Special Region of Aceh made a decision to make this area a large forest because previously this area was the area of ​​Seulawah Agam.

The area of ​​this area is 25,000 hectares but only 10,000 hectares can represent the flora and fauna of Indonesia.

This Grand Forest area is also dominated by mountain forest vegetation and merkusi pine to acacia. There is also a Imperata grassland with an area of ​​5,000 hectares while the rest is young forest.

-12. Keuliling Reservoir-

Keuliling Reservoir

The next tourist spot in Aceh Besar is the Keuliling reservoir which is located in Lam Leout Village, Kuta Cot Gile, Aceh Besar.

If you depart from the Medan-Banda Aceh highway, the distance you can travel to the Keuliling Reservoir is about 7 kilometers.

When you arrive at the tourist area of ​​​​the reservoir, you will see the view of the reservoir between the hills which gives a very natural feel.

You need to know that this reservoir is an artificial reservoir used for fishing by local residents. Of course, tourists who come to this reservoir can also go fishing to unwind.

-13. Lhoknga Beach-

Lhoknga Beach via IG @mufadzallmollek

This beach is located about 20 kilometers from Banda Aceh City or more precisely in the PT. Andalas Cement Indonesia.

Before the 2004 tsunami, this beach offers natural beauty that is still very natural. However, since being hit by the tsunami, the view of this beach is not as beautiful as it used to be.

Over time, improvements began to be made in the Lhoknga Beach area so that the beach was again beautiful and charming. While on this beach, you can see shady trees, especially coconut trees that look lined and lush.

The trees give a cool feel and are even more stunning with the presence of cypress trees. Not only that, this beach also has white sand beaches and not so many rocks.

The view at first glance looks like an aquarium that reflects the blue color of the sea and there are also small fish in it.

Usually, there are many food and drink vendors lined up neatly around the beach. This stunning beach condition makes Lhoknga beach much in demand by tourists from various directions.

-14. Jantang Bay-

Teluk Jantang Photo Julfan Helmi

Jantang Bay is a bay that has beautiful beaches that are still hidden in Jantang Village, Lhoong, Aceh Besar.

To go to Teluk Jantang, you have to travel for 1-2 “hours if you depart from the west of Banda Aceh City.

Arriving at the tourist location of this bay, you have to walk as far as 100 meters to arrive at Jantang Beach. If the tide is not high, you don’t need to take off your shoes to pass the small river flow to the hill track which is actually just a small estuary.

Then after climbing the hill, you will find a hillside with grass and a very beautiful beach, namely Jantang Bay with the sound of waves breaking on the beach.

-15. Semeuregui Barren Hill-

Mount Gundul Semeuregui via Acehnews.net

Bukit Gundul is a village called Jalin Village which is located in Jantho District, Aceh Besar. To go to this hill tour you have to take a journey that is not easy because the road conditions are still not good.

After arriving at the location, you have to park the vehicle to get to the hill. But from the parking lot, you can see rows of hills and river waterclear water with a bridge over it.

When passing through this river, you will start climbing the hill with the condition of the ground in the form of a ladder making it easier for the climbing process.

At least it takes about 1 hour to get to the top of the hill. Tiredness after climbing seems to be cured when you see the stunning panorama of the hills and the decoration of the rice fields and the winding river.

Of course, you should not miss the opportunity to take pictures on top of the hill as a memorable memento.

-16. Lhok Seudu-

Lhok Seudu via Phinemo

For those of you who travel to Mount Geurute, you will pass this one tourist spot. The Lhok Sudu tourist spot presents the potential of a very beautiful marine nature and is often used as a fishing location.

This area is often visited by local tourists to relax. There is even a canteen on the mountain which is named Ujong Glee canteen.

While in Lhok Seudu, you can enjoy views of the beach which is equipped with a wooden pier that can be used as a location to enjoy the sunset.

Don’t forget to order food and drinks for friends to relax while watching the view of Lhok Seudu.

-17. Pucok Krueng-

Pucok Krueng

The next tourist spot in Aceh is Pucok Krueng. Actually Pucok Krueng is an upstream river with a turquoise color. Pucok Krueng itself is located in Lhoknga District, Aceh Besar District.

This river is not too wide, but its exotic color makes it similar to a lake. The name of this river comes from the Acehnese language which means the end or mouth of the river.

This river is one of your places to soak and get wet. So if you come here, don’t forget to bring a change of clothes. It’s a loss if you go to Pucok Krueng just to take pictures.

This water flow comes from springs from cliff gaps and from the lip of the cave which is also worth exploring for us. This cave is quite deep, even if we go along the cave, the depth can reach into the Amno area, Aceh Jaya District.

For those of you who depart from downtown Banda Aceh, it takes about 25 minutes to get to this tourist attraction.

A 15 km journey, you can take from the Baiturrahman Grand Mosque to the Mukim Lhoknga Tsunami Monument Intersection, which is on the Banda Aceh-Meulaboh causeway.

To enter the Pucok Krueng tourist attraction, we have to pay IDR 5 thousand / person. Very cheap” isn’t it?

-18. Brayeun River Attractions-

Brayeun River Attractions

The next natural tourist spot in Aceh Besar is the Brayeun river which is located in Brayeun Village, Leupung District, Aceh Besar.

This beautiful river can be reached via the Banda Aceh-Meulaboh road and then continue through a small winding road that is already paved.

Along this way you will see a very slick scenery. Along the way to the Brayeun river you will see rice fields and mountains or often called “glee” by the Acehnese.

If you come here during the durian season, don’t miss this delicious fruit. This multi-level river attraction flows directly from the mountain. Really fresh!

-19. Inong Balee Fort-

Fort Inong Balee via Google Plus

There is also a historical tourist attraction in Aceh Besar that is interesting to explore, namely the Inong Balee fort in the Mesjid Raya district, Aceh Besar.

This fort itself is a former defense headquarters for the Acehnese people to defend the country’s sovereignty from invaders by sea.

In addition to historical tours, you also have to enjoy the sensation of trekking through the mountain, then continue again by playing refreshing sea water.

For those of you who like to dive, you can also dive or snorkel to see the beauty of the underwater here. Bring your own equipment.

The location of the fort at the Eastern End of Krueng Raya Bay makes this fort look more exotic. This fort is rectangular in shape, has a long story with the first female sea admiral of the Aceh Sultanate who contributed greatly in guarding international diplomacy between Aceh and European countries, namely Keumala Hayati or known as Malahayati so this fort is also called Malahayati fort.

-20. Lamreh-


Furthermore, there is a lamreh that offers an adrenaline-pumping sensation with very steep and interesting roads. Big rocks are sometimes a barrier, but the trip is paid off with fantastic natural views. From a height you can see the expanse of blue sea that spoils the eyes

-21. White sand-

White Sand via Google Plus

Furthermore, you can also visit the white sand beach which is located close to lamreh. As the name implies, this beach has clean white sand.

This beach is very exotic, with trees and their roots growing in the water. Although this makes it difficult for those who want to swim because it is blocked by emerging rootsul to the surface. However, you can enjoy it by relaxing on the beach while tasting grilled fish and young coconuts

-22. Mon Ceunong-

Mon Ceunong via Phinemo

To visit this Mon Ceunong river tourist attraction requires extra effort, because its location is still hidden and has not been explored optimally.

This river was later known by the public because there were several youths who uploaded their activities in this very beautiful river. With turquoise green water, it makes the water look very exotic.

Road access to its location is still very difficult. To get there we have to work hard. The location is located in Indrapuri District, Aceh Besar.

-23. Le Su’um Aceh Besar-

Le Su’um Aceh Besar via Tribunnews

Do you want to try the sensation of a hot shower? Well, you can visit Ie Su’um Village, Mesjid Raya District, Aceh Besar. Here there is a hot spring that comes from Mount Seulawah.” Ie su’um tourist attraction, Ie su’um itself if in Indonesian means hot water.

The location of this tourist attraction is only 35 km from downtown Banda Aceh. To get to the location, we have to go through the main road Krueng Raya to go to Ie Su’um tourism, we have to pass through beautiful mountains to get there.

To enter this tourist attraction, we have to pay an entrance ticket of “Rp 3 thousand per person. Once we get to the natural hot spring tourist attraction we will be presented with a natural view of “stones that are arranged unevenly with steaming steam.

Here there are three permanent pools specifically for children, and two pools for men and women (separately), as well as a prayer room, each of which is a separate pool.

After we are satisfied soaking in the hot water, we can taste various snacks sold by local residents. There is also an “Ie Su”um massage parlor to relieve aches.” This massage beach has hot water flowing through a small channel that emits steam.

-24. Eye Pool Ie-

Pool of eyes ie via Phinemo

The last recommended tourist spot in Aceh Besar that we recommend is Mata Ie in the form of Hillside water games and Mata Ie Pool.

This natural tourist attraction is in “Darul Imarah District, Aceh Besar. The location is close to Rindam Iskandar Muda.

In Indonesian, Mata Ie means a spring. This bathing attraction has 2 pools that have different depths, there are for adults and children.

This natural tourist attraction offers a beautiful place with cool air and still clean from pollution. Suitable for calming the mind of course.

For the entrance ticket to this attraction, you are only asked to pay “Rp 3000/person for the entrance distribution fee and parking Rp. 1000/motorcycle or Rp. 2000/car.

That was an explanation of the reference to tourist attractions in Aceh Besar that could be a recommendation to fill your vacation time.

If you are confused about choosing a vacation destination when you go to Aceh, then please visit Aceh Besar. Because in the area there are many choices of the best tourist attractions and will certainly make your vacation more enjoyable.