24 Free Tourist Attractions in Bandung, the Most Hits & Instagramable, Present

Free tourist attractions in Bandung can be an alternative entertainment for those of you who happen to be visiting Bandung. Even though it’s “free” but don’t assume that the tourist attractions that we will discuss on this occasion are inferior to other paid places.

Count as a filler in your spare time when visiting Bandung. Especially if the purpose of your visit is not for a vacation but there are other matters such as work or family matters.

Free Tourist Attractions in Bandung

Instead of spending more money, you can actually save money while enjoying the following free tourist attractions in Bandung:

-1. Bandung Historical Park-

Bandung History Park

Location: Jl. Aceh No.53, Babakan Ciamis, Kec. Bandung Well, Bandung City, West Java

Bandung Historical Park is one of the newest hangout parks in Bandung. As the name implies, this park has a thematic and historical concept. Bandung Historical Park is located on Jl. Aceh No. 53 Babakan Ciamis, Bandung Well.

Its location in the middle of the city makes this park very accessible. Although relatively new, Bandung Historical Park is quite recommended for you to visit.

One of its uniqueness is that here you can see various reliefs and stickers containing the history of the leaders of Bandung from time to time, starting from prehistoric times, colonial times, to the present.

If you are visiting with your family, the Historical Park can be a free tourist spot in Bandung that has educational value for children.

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-2. City Hall Park-

The beauty of the Cikapayang tributary park at Bandung City Hall via Merdeka

Location: Jl. Wastukencana No.2, Babakan Ciamis, Kec. Bandung Well, Bandung City, West Java

Bandung City Hall Park is one of the free tourist attractions in Bandung which is quite interesting to visit. This place is never empty of visits every day. Usually used as a stopover during the day for those who are traveling in the City.

Bandung City Hall has a quite cool feel, suitable for use as a place to relax with family.

One of the unique sides of this City Hall is the unique spot which is named by the local community as a love lock. For those of you who want to get some interesting selfie photos then this is the most suitable place.

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-3. Vanda Park-

Vanda Park Bandung

Location: Jl. Merdeka No.9, Babakan Ciamis, Kec. Bandung Well, Bandung City, West Java

Vanda Park was originally called Dollar Park. Located at Jalan Merdeka No. 9 Chapter Ciamis, Bandung. This park is one of the free hangout places in Bandung which is quite unique to visit.

The best time to visit the park in Bandung is at night because the scenery will be more attractive.

The view at night at Vanda Park is great for taking pictures. You will see the colorful lights that adorn the fountain in the middle of the park. This is the most interesting spot in Vanda Park that you must visit.

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-4. Singles Park (Pasupati Park)-

Singles Park

Location: Jl. Tamansari No.66, Lb. Siliwangi, Coblong District, Bandung City, West Java

The next free tourist spot in Bandung is the Singles Park or also known as the Pasupati Park. This park is located right under the Pasupati Bridge on Jl. Taman Sari No. 66 in the Lebak Siliwangi area, Coblong Bandung.

The name singles pinned in this park originated from the design of a chair that is only reserved for one person. That’s why the local people named it as Taman Jomblo.

This park is quite unique and different from parks in general, here you do not find green scenery like parks in general. This park is dedicated to hang out for young people in Bandung.

Here, besides having benches to sit on, various facilities are also available, such as an international standard skateboard court and light gym facilities.

-5. Photography Park-

Photography Park

Location: Jl. Kemuning No.4, Merdeka, Kec. Bandung Well, Bandung City, West Java

The Photography Park is perfect for those of you who are struggling in the world of photography. The Photography Park is one of the free tourist attractions in Bandung which was deliberately built by the government to accommodate the talents in the field of photography that exist in the youth of Bandung.

This park is usually used as a gathering place for photographers in Bandung and from surrounding cities. You can meet and share with young photographers in Bandung. So it’s not just a walk, but you can find new friends who have the same passion here.

-6. Jalan Braga and Asia Africa-

Jalan Braga and Asia Africa via IG @aldy.lesmana.5074

Location: Jalan Braga and Asia Africa, Bandung City

For those of you who want to enjoy shopping in the most popular places in Bandung, Jalan Braga and Asia Afrika are the destinations that you must visit. This place is one of the most popular destinations in Bandung, especially for those who like shopping.

Here you can find a variety of interesting items to unique knick-knacks that are suitable as gifts. Not only that, the scenery around Jalan Braga and Asia Africa is also very interesting. Suitable for those of you who want to just spend time while taking photos.

-7. Centrum Music Park-

Centrum Music Park

Location: Jl. Belitung, Merdeka, Sumurbandung, Bandung

Centrum Music Park is a free tourist spot in Bandung that is suitable for those of you who like the world of music and art to visit. This park was originally specially created as a place of creativity for art activists, especially musical arts in Bandung. But now this place has been opened to the public.

Centrum Music Park is located in the area of ​​Jl. Merdeka, Bandung Well. The distance is not too far from the city center, you can visit this place on foot.

This park already has quite complete facilities ranging from comfortable seating, free wifi, and good lighting at night.

Centrum Music Park is usually used as a place to hold art performances and music concerts for local bands in Badung City.

-8. Satay tower-

Gedung Sate via IG @pilotdroneindonesia

Location: Diponegoro Street, Citarum, Bandung Wetan District, Bandung

Maybe you are already familiar with the name Gedung Sate, one of the historic buildings in the city of Bandung. This building, which has a European-style architectural design, is one of the landmarks in Bandung that you must visit.

Even though it is almost a century old, Gedung Sate still stands firmly and is well maintained. One of the unique features of this building is the existence of a skewer-shaped tower at the front of this building.

-9. pet park-

Pet Park

Location: Jl. Ciliwung No.14, Cihapit, Kec. Bandung Wetan, Bandung City, West Java

Free tourist attractions in Badung which are quite interesting to visit next are Pet Park. This place is a park specially made for pets. Here you will meet visitors who bring their own favorite pets.

If you are an animal lover then this place will be very interesting. You can meet people who have the same hobbies as you and make friends.

Pet Park is a park that was developed by the Bandung City government program to accommodate animal lovers in Bandung.

At the Pet Park there are quite complete facilities ranging from special cages, playgrounds for animals, jogging tracks, and various other pet equipment. Pet Park is located in the Bandung Wetan area, Jl. Ciliwung No. 14 Bandung City.

-10. Film Park-

Movie Park

Location: Jl. Pasupati Kite, Tamansari, Kec. Bandung Wetan, Bandung City, West Java

The next free tourist spot in Bandung is the Film Park. Just as the name suggests, this park is specially made for those who love the film world. Hanging out at the Film Park can be a very exciting activity to spend free time.

Here, watching events are often held together with a large screen on the garden stage. The seats are also quite comfortable equipped with artificial grass. This park can accommodate up to hundreds of people, so watching activities together will feel more exciting.

-11. Teletubbies Hill-

Teletubbies Hill via IG @yourbandung

Location: Tanjungwangi, Cicalengka, Bandung Regency

If you are looking for free tourist attractions in East Bandung, you can go to Cicalengka District Direction, here you can find an amazing cool site.

You can enjoy the natural beauty on a beautiful verdant hill, so it is dubbed the Teletubbies Hill, because it is similar to the shape on the hill in the previous Teletubbies cartoon series.

Come here in the afternoon, so the view is even more beautiful. You will be presented with a beautiful view of the stunning sunset.

-12. Babakan Siliwangi Forest Park-

Babakan Siliwangi Forest Park via IG @budicloud

Location: Jl. Tamansari No.90, Lb. Siliwangi, Coblong District, Bandung City, West Java

Furthermore, you can also retreat to a beautiful and green park, namely Babakan Siliwangi forest park which offers natural beauty that is still awake.

This free tourist spot in Bandung is perfect for you to make a ‘hidden’ place from the stifling bustle of the city crowd.

In this Siliwangi Babakan forest park, you will feel the freshness of the air which is still very natural. Interested? Just come to Jalan Siliwangi, Bandung city.

-13. Cibunut Village-

Cibunut Villagevia IG @andika

Location: Jl. Cibunut, Kb. Banana, District. Bandung Well, Bandung City, West Java

Next there is a creative village known as the cool colorful village. You can visit Cibunut village to spend your vacation time in Bandung.

In the village of Dibunut, there are many instagramable photo spots that are a shame for you to miss. In this village there are at least more than 500 beautifully painted colorful houses that are worthy for you to capture in your camera lens or cell phone.

-14. The Cemara Garden in the style of Rancabolang Mushroom Hill-

Cemara Park in the style of Rancabolang Mushroom Hill via IG @febysyahril

Location: Rancabolang Village, Ciwidey District, Bandung

The next free tourist spot in Bandung is the pine garden in the style of the Mushroom Rancabolang hill which offers you a different holiday sensation.

Because in this park you will be presented with unique things, where the pine plants here are beautifully arranged so that they are very instagramable, you know.

In Rancabolang Village, Ciwidey District, Bandung, you can enjoy the charm of a cypress tree that looks like a giant mushroom, usually tourists don’t forget to capture the moment nearby.

-15. Cliff of Mount Hawu-

Cliff of Mount Hawu via IG @yoikiliburan

Location: Padalarang, West Bandung Regency

The cliffs of Mount Hawu are not just any object, because it takes courage to be able to take a photo shoot here.

You can see from the photo above, how horrifying it is to take a photo from above such a height, only people with a steel mind dare to try it.

The cliffs of Mount Hawu are becoming one of the popular tourist attractions, you will not be charged a penny to enter the area of ​​Mount Hawu, but to try to take pictures at the Hammock, you have to pay around Rp. 100 thousand per person.

-16. Sanghyang Tikoro-

Sanghyang Tikoro via IG @pevypev

Location: Jl. PLTA Saguling, Rajamandala Kulon, Kec. Cipatat, West Bandung Regency, West Java

Next, you can also spend vacation time at Sanghyang Tikoro which is located in Rajamandala Kulon, Kec. Cipatat.

This tourist attraction offers amazing natural beauty, you will not be charged an entrance fee to enjoy the charm of its natural beauty while relaxing by the water. To get to the location of Sanghyang Tikoro, you even have to go through steep roads.

-17. Ancient Caves in the style of Sanghyang Poek-

Goa Purba ala Sanghyang Poek via Ig @harley.strarkey

Location: Kp. Cipanas, Rajamandala Kulon, Kec. Cipatat, West Bandung Regency, West Java

Furthermore, you can also visit the charming Sanghyang Poek Ancient Cave. The location of this tourist attraction is in Rajamandala Kulon, Cipatat, West Bandung Regency.

At this ancient site, you can see unspoiled and natural rocks in the cave. The condition of these rocks is still very natural and is the center of the beauty of Sanghyang Poek.

-18. Rahong Pine Forest-

Pine Forest Rahong via IG @hertdevi

Location:Pulosari, Pangalengan, Bandung Regency

Next, you can also visit the Rahong pine forest in Pulosari, Pangalengan, Bandung. This tourist destination is already very popular.

Here you will be presented with a beautiful panorama of protected forest nature. In this Rahong pine forest, you will also be presented with various rides ranging from white water rafting, paintball, tracking, to offroad.

-19. Bandung square-

Bandung City Square

Location: Jl. Asia Africa, Balonggede, Kec. Regol, Bandung City, West Java

This Bandung square can be a recreational choice for you and your family who are in the center of Bandung. This square is very fun for you to visit with your family.

Usually this square is used as a place to relax for families in the city of Bandung. The location of this square park is in front of the Grand Mosque. You can play as much as you like on a very wide artificial grass, you can just sit, lie down or run around.

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-20. Ciumbuleuit Peak-

Puncak Ciumbuleuit via IG @iranurulfitri

Location: Jl. Pagerwangi, Punclut, Ciumbuleuit, Cidadap, Bandung

Free tourist attractions in Bandung which are the next hits are the peak of ciumbuleuit where young people spend their time.

The peak of Ciumbuleuit is at an altitude of about 1000m so you will feel the sensation of cool and refreshing air. The atmosphere here feels very cold, you know, really fun.

-21. Elderly Park-

Elderly Park

Location: Jalan Cisangkuy, Citarum, Bandung Wetan, Bandung

The next free tourist spot in Bandung is the elderly park which is located on the right side of Gedung Sate. This park is overgrown with lush trees, which is very beautiful.

It is named the elderly park because this park is usually used as a place for light exercise by the elderly on weekend mornings.

Here you will not only be free of charge, but you will alsoYou can feel the cool air, Instagramable garden facilities, and of course this free park makes Taman Lansia a tourist destination that is a shame for you to miss.

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-22. Pusdai Mosque-

Pusdai Mosque via Kubahmadina

Location: Jl. Diponegoro No.63, Cihaur Geulis, Kec. Cibeunying Kaler, Bandung City, West Java

Bandung does have many mosques that are fun for us to make as a place for religious tourism, one of which is the Pudai mosque which is located close to the elderly park.

The Pusdai Mosque itself is the Islamic Center of West Java. This mosque has a unique minaret, a large courtyard and has a really cool interior design inside the mosque, like mosques in the Middle East.

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-23. Superhero Park-

Superhero Park

Location: Cihapit, Bandung Wetan, Bandung City

This superhero park is located not far from the location of the pet park, you just back away from the pet park, then you will find a Superhero park that is no less cool.

Usually children will really love to take pictures of their action figures here, such as the statues of Batman and Ironman, to local superheroes like Gundala.

Besides taking pictures with superheroes, your children will also be spoiled with swings, seesaws, slides, and so on. You can enjoy all the rides here for free.

-24. Cikapundung Riverspot-

Cikapundung Riverspot

Location: Jl. Dr. Ir. Sukarno, Braga, Kec. Bandung Well, Bandung City, West Java

Our last recommendation for free tourist attractions in Bandung is Cikapudung Riverspot which is very fun for us to make a place to play with children or other family members.

One of the banks of the river that divides the center of Bandung is arranged in such a way that it is visited by many families, especially at night, you can see the attractions of fountains and colorful spotlights.

So, those are some free tourist attractions in Bandung that you shouldn’t forget. Filling a vacation is not always expensive and luxurious, choose the location wisely and don’t forget to invite the closest people to enjoy it. Stay tuned for our reviews of free tours in other cities. Happy holidays.