24 Best & Most Hits Tourist Attractions in Aceh Singkil with Beautiful Beauty!

Tourist Attractions in Aceh Singkil – “Aceh is one of the provinces at the northern tip of the island of Sumatra. As is well known that so far Aceh offers a million charms of natural beauty that is presented in each tourist spot.

Of course, these tourist spots have their own uniqueness and charm so they are perfect for filling vacation time. Aceh itself has several parts of the region including one of them is Aceh Singkil.

This district has a capital city called Singkil and is already very popular with its tourist attractions. Tourist attractions in Aceh Singkil” offer the charm of extraordinary marine beauty and a group of islands that are no less beautiful to spoil the eye.

For those of you who want to visit Aceh Singkil, you can travel for 12 hours by land or as far as 650 kilometers from Banda Aceh.

Even though the distance is very far, the long journey will pay off when you see the beauty presented by Aceh Singkil. Even if you want to see the extraordinary beauty then please cross from Singkil to Balai Island which will surely amaze you.

Recommended Tourist Attractions in Aceh Singkil

For those of you who are curious about the beauty of tourist attractions in Aceh Singkil, the following information will be given a list of tourist attractions for your reference.

-1. Kedabuhan Waterfall-

Kedabuhan Waterfall via freakpals.wordpress.com

Although Aceh Singkil is known for the beauty of marine tourism and its clusters of islands, the tourist attractions in Aceh Singkil that will be discussed first are the Kedabuhan Waterfall.

For those of you who want to enjoy natural attractions other than the beach, you should just visit Kedabuhan Waterfall. Because this one waterfall offers the beauty of the swift waterfall and is supported by the natural surroundings which are still very beautiful and soothing to the mind.

For those of you who want to visit Kedabuhan Waterfall, please come to Lae Ikan, Pennggakan District or 63 kilometers from Aceh Singkil.

Although the location is not administratively in the Singkil area, this tourist spot is a must visit because it is not far from Singkil.

-2. Tailana Island –

Tailana Island via IG @Yusufendy

Tailana Island is one of the tourist attractions that you must visit when visiting Aceh Singkil. Because this island is an uninhabited tropical island that offers very beautiful and amazing views.

When visiting this beach, you will be greeted by a stretch of white sand on the edge of the beach that spoils the eyes. In addition, the clear blue sea water also gives a sensation of its own beauty.

The condition of the clear sea water makes it very easy for tourists who want to do snorkeling. Because the underwater beauty of Tailana Island is indeed very charming to explore.

Although not many tourists know the beauty of Tailana Island, there is nothing wrong with including this island in the list of holiday visits in Aceh Singkil.

To get to this island it takes a 4-hour trip by ferry or fishing boat. However, the trip is nothing compared to the sensation of a vacation on Tailana Island which is like a vacation on a private island.

-3. Amandangan Beach-

Amandangan Beach

Amandangan Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Aceh Singkil. This beach is already very popular for its beauty so it is not surprising that many tourists are fascinated.

Behind its stunning beauty, it turns out that this beach also has a challenge. Because this beach offers a surf location that is suitable for those of you who like to surf.

The waves which are big enough to reach 5 meters will certainly be a challenge that you want to conquer while surfing.

Not only that, Amandangan Beach also offers natural beauty that is very charming and will feel even more special with the presence of turtles.

Usually many turtles come to this beach to lay their eggs. If you are lucky, you can see the turtles which usually come at night.

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-4. Palambak Island –

Palambak Island

It seems that Palambak Island is very fitting to be described with three words, namely beautiful, beautiful and romantic. Although this tourist spot is located hidden in the Aceh Singkil area, the charm of the beauty of this beach should not be underestimated.

Because it turns out that this beach offers a stretch of white sand that is very clean so that it makes you more comfortable when playing sand.

The sea water conditions of this island are also quite calm so you don’t have to worry if you want to play beach water. If you want to unwind then this beach is perfect for relaxing while looking at the natural scenery.

Although the island is still relatively quiet, the facilities provided are also quite adequate, including the presence of several cottages that you can rent to stayp.

When the afternoon arrives, the atmosphere on Palambak Island is even more romantic because the sky is decorated with a reddish glow combined with the quiet surrounding atmosphere.

-5. Lake Tana Bara-

Lake Tana Baravia Ig @deliana_yulhelmi

In addition to presenting stunning marine tourism, Aceh Singkil also has a Lake Tana Bara tour that you can visit when you come to Aceh Singkil.

This lake is located in Tana Bara Village, Gunung Meriah District or about 70 kilometers from the center of the capital Singkil.

Lake Tana Bara can be said to be one of the unspoiled lakes in the Aceh Singkil area because it has not been officially managed as a tourist location.

Even so, you don’t need to doubt the beauty of this lake anymore, so it’s no wonder that many tourists come to this lake.

If you are lucky, you can see the fog that covers part of the lake area so it will give an unforgettable sensation.

Besides being able to enjoy the beauty of the lake and the surrounding natural scenery, you can watch the sunset which will definitely seem so exotic and romantic.

Lake Tana Bara has also been used as a location for freshwater fish cultivation using cages so it is not surprising that there will be many cages in this lake.

-6. Lae Gecih Waterfall-

Lae Gecih Waterfall

The next tourist spot in Aceh Singkil is Lae Gecil Waterfall which is located in Kuta Tinggi Village or Lae Gecil. Simpang Kanan District. Aceh Singkil.

When visiting this waterfall, you can feel the sensation of the air being so cool and the waterfall so clear. In addition, around the waterfall there are also green trees that will give a beautiful impression and spoil the eyes.

When you enter the waterfall area, you will hear the roar of the water. Usually many tourists visit this waterfall during holidays. However, on normal days, local people often use the Lae Gecil river for bathing.

-7. Bengkaru Island –

Bengkaru Island via Ajnn

This one tourist spot cannot be separated from the beauty offered by Aceh Singkil. The location of Pu;au Bengkuru is in Pulau Banyak sub-district or is about 48 miles by sea.

For those of you who want to visit Bengkaru Island, you should not need to worry because this island is very easy to reach because it is supported by quite good infrastructure.

Besides offering a very beautiful view, this island also has a green turtle breeding area. Usually tourists who come to this island can not only enjoy the natural scenery but can also swim, snorkel and surf.

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-8. Cingkam Lake-

Cingkam Lake

The beauty of Lake Cingkram is said to be not much different from Lake Tana Bara, but what distinguishes these two lakes is the location.

Because Lake Cingkram is located in Cingkram Village, Gunung Meraih District, Aceh Singkil. You can visit this lake by traveling about 80 kilometers from the district capital.

When you arrive at the lake location, you can see a very stunning view and it still feels natural. Usually in addition to enjoying the natural scenery, visitors can fish.

-9. Beautiful Cemara Beach –

Beautiful Cemara Beach Aceh Singkil

Still related to beach tourism in Aceh Singkil, this time you can see the beauty of the blue stretch of beach in Gosong Telaga Village, North Singkil District.

The location of this beach is also not so far from the district capital, which is only 25 kilometers away. When you arrive at Cemara Indah Beach, you will be amazed by the beauty of the beach which is decorated with pine trees that line up neatly in the coastal area.

These conditions make this beach is always visited by tourists almost every day. You don’t have to worry about facilities because there are adequate facilities on this beach, ranging from relaxing huts, cafes, prayer rooms, toilets to children’s games.

-10. Many Island Tours –

Many Island Tours via IG @jejakkakisumatera

A visit to Aceh Singkil feels incomplete if you don’t stop by Pulau Banyak. Because Pulau Banyak is a group of small islands located in Aceh Singkil Regency.

The area of ​​Banyak Island is around 27,196 ha which consists of a group of islands and is directly adjacent to the Indian Ocean.

The island presents many islands that are very beautiful and guaranteed to amaze you. Where the names of the islands on Banyak Island include Pourku Island, Bankaru Island, Ujung Batu Island and Palambak Besar Island.

In addition to being able to enjoy the beauty of beach tourism, on this island you can see the natural beauty of the underwater world that is guaranteed to amaze you.

-11. Malelo Island –

Malelo Island via Kompasiana

Still related to island and beach tourism, this time you will be invited to explore on Malelo Island. Where this island was formerly an adjoining island, namely PulauBig Malelo and Small Malelo.

But after the tsunami disaster hit Aceh in 2014, this island was only the island of Malelo Besar. Even so, the island of Malelo Besar offers a very exotic beauty and is said to resemble the Maldives.

This tiny island is indeed very fitting for your stopover while on vacation to Aceh Singkil. Don’t forget to explore the beautiful underwater world of Malelo Island. Uniquely, this island is not overgrown by trees, so it still seems so natural and exotic.

-12. Camping on Asok Island –

Asok Island via Youtube

If you visit Banyak Island then don’t miss to stop by Asok Island as well. Because this island presents beauty in the form of white sand and is also decorated with coconut trees around the island.

The scenery will be even more astonishing when the blue sea adorns the edge of Asok Island. Usually, tourists who come to Asok Island choose to camp for the night while enjoying the beauty of Asok Island that should not be missed.

-13. Lambudung Island –

Lambudung Island via Twitter

As previously explained, Banyak Island consists of several groups of islands, including Lambudung Island.

This island is still quiet but has very beautiful coral reefs and very diverse marine life.

For those of you who like snorkeling or diving, this island is the right choice for a vacation. The romantic and quiet atmosphere on Lambudung Island is also very suitable for those of you who want to honeymoon.

-14. Rangit Island”-

Rangit Island

Rangit Island

Not far from Tailana Island there is a beautiful and amazing island, Rangit Island. This island is still in the Banyak Islands and certainly has a beauty that is not inferior to other islands.

Even on Rangit Island also has a lighthouse with a unique and beautiful building. In addition, this island also has a small lake that is certainly no less exotic.

-15. Bungara Lake –

Bungara Lake

Bungara Lake is located in Kutabaharu or about 5 kilometers from Singkil. The location of this lake is also surrounded by 4 villages so it is easy to reach from various directions.

The lake with an area of ​​​​85 hectares does offer beautiful natural scenery. Moreover, in the middle of the lake there are 3 islands named Mango Island, Cempedak Island and Pineapple Island.

Serving natural scenery that is so charming is certainly very suitable to fill your vacation time. However, it is quite unfortunate that the management of Lake Bungara is also still not optimal from the local government.

-16. Singkil Swamp Forest –

Singkil Swamp Forest via Ig @Rimbangbaling

Singkil Swamp Forest is the only tropical forest tourism object in Singkil that offers natural conditions that are still very natural.

However, when visiting this forest, you should be accompanied by a guide from a local resident. Because in this area there are many crocodiles that roam because they live freely in forest areas.

Usually local residents are experts in dealing with the threat of crocodiles so you don’t need to worry when exploring this forest. Behind the spooky impression, it turns out that Singkil Swamp Forest has Rumbia Bay with a very beautiful panoramic view.

Usually tourists can pick coconuts from coconut trees that grow on the edge of the bay. For those of you who want to stay in this forest area, there is no accommodation available, but you can stay at a resident’s house or set up a tent.

-17. My Pour Island –

My Pour Island via Traverse

Still in the Banyak Islands area, this time you can visit Pourku Island while on vacation. Where this island is the largest in the Banyak Islands.

You don’t have to worry about facilities because this island has adequate facilities, starting from lodging provided by local people and boats that can be used as a means of transportation.

The boats can be used by tourists to go to sea. Besides that, the scenery on Pourku Island is very beautiful with hills and caves that can be a challenging trekking route when visiting Pourku Island.

-18. Pulo Sarok Beach-

Pulo Sarok Beach via Ryailzain92

Tourist attractions in Aceh Singkil are still in the form of marine tourism that is no less beautiful.

This island offers panoramic views of white sand beaches with stunning views. On this beach there is also a grouse lake that seems to be hidden among the fir trees.

Well, on this lake, tourists can take a duck boat to surround this small lake. Pulo Sarok Beach is also a favorite destination because of its location around Singkil City.

Tourists who are fond of vacations while culinary processed seafood can also try a variety of delicious seafood for you. This beach locationlocated in Pulo Sarok, Singkil, Aceh Singkil about “± 11.80 Km from the Aceh Singkil Regent’s Office.

-19. Pulo Madura Rimo Tourism-

Pulo Madura Rimo Wisata Tourism

Pulo Madura?” This tourist attraction is in Aceh Singkil, not in Madura there. This tourist attraction is suitable for you to make a vacation spot with children.

The location is in the Tunas Harapan area, Gunung Meriah District. This family attraction is equipped with a special playground for children. There is a shallow swimming pool for your kids to play and they learn to swim.

-20. Seagrass Island-

Seagrass Island via IG Reze.fahlevilii

The next tourist attraction in Aceh Singkil is the seagrass island which is located in Pulau Banyak sub-district in the west.

This island has an above average beauty, no less competitive with Gili Tarawangan in Lombok, you know.

However, this tourist attraction still needs promotion so that it is known by tourists, both from within the country and from abroad.

Indeed, access to the location of the seagrass island is quite far from the port of Aceh to the seagrass island.

Whereas by visiting this island, you will feel like a private vacation, you will feel this island is privately owned.”

This uninhabited island “offers the hidden charm of Aceh, the blue sea plus exotic coral reefs will make visitors feel at home in this place.

Guaranteed you will be lazy to go home when you get to this island, so you want to build a house here.

-21. Pabisi Island-

Pabisi Island

Pabisis Island is also still rarely touched, you could say it is still a virgin, because it is still well maintained and there have been no ignorant hands that have damaged it.

Pabisi Island is located in the same location as the seagrass island, this island is also located in Pulau Banyak sub-district, aceh singkil. aceh.

-22. Lae Petal Waterfall-

Lae Petal Terjun Waterfall

Crazy, it turns out that Aceh Singkil has many hidden tourist attractions, you know. There is another lae petal waterfall which has extraordinary beauty. This waterfall has two waterfalls, namely on the left side of the river, and the other in the main place.

The location of this lae petal waterfall is in “Pangkal Sulampi Village, Suro, Aceh Singkil. Near this waterfall you can also visit lae paris lake” which still doesn’t know much about its beauty.

-23. Sikandang Island-

Sikandang Island

Sikandang Island is located the same as Pabisi Island, namely in Pulau Banyak sub-district, Aceh Singkil. This exotic island is one of the most charming swimming spots in Aceh Singkil, you know.

The water is calm and clean, making it one of the favorite swimming and snorkeling spots. For you nature lovers, this one tourist destination must be included in the list of next vacation destinations.

-24. Long Island-

Long Island via Destination

Long Island is the next tourist destination in Aceh Singkil. This beautiful island like heaven on earth has a very extraordinary beauty.

In addition to having extraordinary natural beauty, this island has also begun to be equipped with various supporting facilities ranging from gazebos, banana boats and other facilities.

Bathing on this beach is an activity that should not be missed. The address for this island is on Long Island, Pulau Banyak District, Aceh Singkil.”

Thus the explanation of the charm of the list of tourist attractions in Aceh Singkil that can be a reference for your vacation. Even though Aceh Singkil has not been so popular so far, you don’t need to doubt the beauty of its tourist attractions.

For those of you who plan to go on vacation to Aceh, schedule a visit to the best tourist attractions in the Aceh Singkil area.