14 Latest & Most Hits Tourist Attractions in Subulussalam That Are Interesting To Visit

Tourist Attractions in Subulussalam”–”Subulussalam is a city located on the border of Aceh and North Sumatra.

In 2007, Subulussalam also became a Madya City before it was originally an area included in the Aceh Singkil area.

However, the city of Subulussalam turned out to be less popular than other cities or districts in the Aceh region. Even so, it turns out that Subulussalam has various interesting tourist attractions that can be visited when visiting Subulussalam.

Tourist Attractions in Subulussalam

Of course, tourist attractions in Subulussalam are guaranteed to be no less beautiful when compared to other tourist attractions in Aceh. For those of you who want to vacation in Subulussalam, here are some references to tourist attractions that you can visit:

-1. Namo Crocodile River Irrigation-

Namo Crocodile River Irrigation

The first tourist spot in Subulussaalam is the Namo Buaya River Irrigation. This tourist spot is a village located in the District of Sultan Daulat, Subulussalam City.

When departing from the City of Subulussalam, the distance to this tourist spot is about 15 kilometers. This tourist spot is indeed very popular with its irrigation and local people call this place as Bahorok.

Namo Buaya River Irrigation presents views of the beauty of the river and very lush trees. Of course this creates a cool and beautiful atmosphere that will make anyone feel at home.

In addition, in this area there are also wild animals such as various types of birds and monkeys that you can see while in this tourist area.

For those of you who want to unwind and tired, please just stop by this tourist spot. Because the fresh atmosphere is guaranteed to make you relax.

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-2. Kedabuhan Waterfall –

Keabuhan Waterfall

Still related to nature tourism, this time you can visit the Kedabuhan waterfall. Where this one waterfall is so unique because it has the characteristics of a lot of water discharge.

If you want to visit this natural tourist spot, please cover a distance of about 15 kilometers or it can be reached in 30 minutes. The exact location is in Lae Ikan, Pananggalan, Subulussalam City.

But after arriving at the location, you will not immediately find the waterfall because the location of the waterfall is below.”

To reach it then you have to go down as many as 337 stairs. Feeling tired after descending the stairs seems to be paid off after you see the natural beauty that is very stunning and spoils the eyes.

Besides being able to enjoy the beauty of nature, you can relax and sit while feeling the cold of this waterfall. For those of you who want to unwind, this waterfall is the right choice.

But you need to know that the tourist facilities at this waterfall are still relatively minimal so you have to bring your own supplies.

-3. Lae Kombih Rafting-

Lae Kombih Rafting

For those of you who like challenges, when you visit Subulussalam, please stop by Lae Kombih Rafting. This adrenaline-pumping tourist spot is located in Sikelang Village, Penanggalan, Subulussalam.

Of course, white water rafting is located in a very natural area and has natural beauty that will amaze anyone. In this tourist spot there is a river that used to be used as a bathing place for local people.

But with the ideas and efforts of the Lae Kombih youths, the river was then transformed into a very interesting white water rafting tour.

To get to the rafting location, tourists must walk for 30 minutes first through the limestone forest. Then tourists have to go down the stairs on the cliffs of the Kebuhuhan hill.

The rafting location is located below the location of the Kedabuhan waterfall. No need to worry about safety issues because in this rafting, visitors will be guided by a rescue team and are equipped with standard safety equipment.

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-4. Profit Nature Tourism-

Profit Nature Tourism via Aceh Planet

For those of you who want to spend time on vacation with your family, Penuntungan nature tourism is the right choice.

Because this tourist spot presents the natural beauty and decoration of the clear river flow. There are also green trees that will make the atmosphere cooler and more beautiful.

On the other side of the river there is a waterfall that is about 20 meters high. In this waterfall area, visitors can rent tires which will be used to float on the river.

While floating on the river, you can enjoy the green nature around while playing in the water. If you are interested in visiting this tourist spot, please come to the District of Penanggalan, Subulussalam.

If you depart from the west such as Blang Pidie and Tapak Tuan, this tourist spot is on the left. Whereas ifyou depart from the east such as Sidikalang and Medan then the location of this tourist spot is on the right.

-5. SKPC Waterfall-

SKPC Waterfall

The next tourist spot in Subulussalam is SKPC Waterfall. Where this waterfall is located in Puntungan Village, Lae Bersih, Penanggalan District, Subulussalam.

However, the location of this waterfall is surrounded by oil palm plantations and salak cottage plantations owned by local residents. To get to the location of the SKPC waterfall it takes about 20 minutes from the center of Subulussalam City.

The name of this waterfall is indeed very unique and certainly different from the name of the waterfall in general. Actually, SKPC stands for the Subulussalam City Blog C Settlement Group Unit.

Most of the people living in this residential area are transmigration from outside the island. When entering the gate of the SKPC waterfall tourist spot, you will find a clear view of the river and surrounded by a large black relief.

Of course the combination of nature into a natural beauty that is so perfect. To get to this waterfall, tourists have to go down the stairs first.

It is estimated that the height of this waterfall is about 20 meters and the splash of the water looks beautiful. Tourists who come to this waterfall can also swim or play in the water.

After playing in the water or seeing the scenery, tourists can enjoy the sweet and legit Salak Pondok from the residents’ plantations. But if you are hungry then there are food and drink sellers at the entrance of the waterfall.

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-6. Rundeng Bridge-

Rundeng Bridge

This tourist spot is a bridge that connects the city of Subulussalam and Aceh Singkil. Under this bridge is the Lae Kombih river.

For this reason, the people of Subulussalam gave the name of this bridge as the Lae Bersih Bridge. Usually the local people call the river the word Lae.

Near the Rundeng bridge there are also seats along the Kombih River, making the atmosphere even more pleasant.

You need to know that Rundeng Village is one of the historic villages and the origin of Subulussalam City.

-7. Silangit Singgersing –

Silangit Singgersing

This tourist attraction is still classified as hidden in Subulussalam, precisely in Kampong Singgersing, Sultan Daulat, Subulussalam.

As one of the natural attractions that are still natural, it is not surprising that the atmosphere in this tourist spot is still so beautiful and clean.

Moreover, its location in a rocky and mountainous area makes this waterfall tourist attraction very stunning. To get to the Silangit Singgersih waterfall, it takes a long journey.

But the feeling of tiredness during the trip seems to pay off when you see the charm of the charming waterfall. A tiered waterfall with a swift discharge and clear water seems to make anyone amazed and can’t wait to approach it.

The rocks and shades of green nature around the waterfall make anyone more comfortable to linger while in this waterfall area.

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-8. Lae Kombih Folk Forest Park-

Lae Kombih Rakyat Folk Forest Park

In addition to the Lae Kombih waterfall, it turns out that in Subulussalam there is also the Lae Kombih People’s Forest Park which is no less interesting to visit.

Where this tourist spot is a forest that holds such great tourism potential. This forest is so densely overgrown with shady trees.

There is also a river with clear and flowing water that creates its own beauty. Not only that, the beauty of this community forest park is even more stunning with the presence of waterfalls and a variety of flora and fauna.

Even this forest park is often a research location other than as a tourist spot. If you are curious and want to visit the Lae Kombih People’s Forest Park, please just come to Jontor Village, Penanggalan District or about 15 kilometers from Subulussalam City.

-9. Nantampuk Mas-

Nantampuk Mas Baths

If you want to enjoy an exciting and cheap family trip, then please visit Nantampuk Mas Baths.

Where this one bath is located on the river and is visited by many local people. Most tourists who come to this bathhouse are to bathe in the river because the flow of the river water is quite calm and there are rocks that make the atmosphere more beautiful.

If you want to visit this bath, please visit Lae Bersih Village, Penanggalan, Subulussalam. On weekends or holidays usually this tourist spot is always crowded with tourists.

However, because the condition of the facilities is still inadequate, you should bring your own food and drink supplies.

For those of you who can’t swim likethere’s no need to worry. Because in this tourist spot is available for rental tires buoys.

-10. Napal Stone Waterfall –

Napal Stone Waterfall

Subulussalam does have many waterfall tours, including one of them is Batu Napal waterfall. Where this tourist spot is located is still hidden and not widely known to tourists.

Usually most who come to this waterfall are natural travelers who like to visit remote places. To get to the location of the waterfall, it takes a struggle that is not easy because the road conditions are difficult to pass.

Even tourists must be prepared to pass through two rivers with high enough water. The long and tiring journey seems to pay off when you see the beauty of the 5-level waterfall and its natural scenery that is so pleasing to the eye.

The location of this natural waterfall is in Kampong Lae Raso, Sultan Daulat District, Subulussalam.

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-11. Tomb of Sheikh Hamzah Al-Fansuri-

Grave of Sheikh Hamzah Al-Fansuri via IG @yelli

In addition to having natural attractions, Subulussalam also has religious tourism that is no less interesting to visit, one of which is the Tomb of Sheikh Hamzah Al-Fansuri.

Where is this tomb the figure of Sheikh Hamzah Al Fansuri is the first Malay writer who once popularized poetry and poetry.

Besides having beautiful words, literary works are also a medium for transferring knowledge. Even Sheikh Hamzah Al-Fansuri used to use poetry as a medium for the transfer of knowledge about a high-level God, namely the Philosophy of Being.

The philosophy of existence contains knowledge that explains scientific language and essays that are difficult to understand. If you are curious and want to know about this religious tourism, please come to Oboh Village, Rundeng, Subulussalam.

-12. Banyan Field-

Banyan Field via Ibnu Traveling

If you visit Subulussalam then don’t miss to stop by the Beringin Field. Where this field is located in the middle of the city and provides a place to relax.

Usually local people come to this field for culinary tours and this field is also a city square. At night, there are many sellers of various types of culinary around this field.

Visitors can freely choose the desired menu. Even if they are lucky, visitors can enjoy live music presented by the youth community or organized by local agencies.

-13. Kasman Pool-

Kasman Pool via Ibnu Traveling

If you want to take your family for an exciting and fun vacation in Subulussalam, then Kasman Pool is the choice.

Because the swimming pool in Subulussalam City has a swimming pool for children to adults with varying water levels.

The price of admission to the swimming pool is also affordable, so it is perfect for those of you who want a cheap vacation. The location of Kasman Pool is indeed not so far from the center of Subulussalam City so it is very easy to reach.

Besides being able to swim and play in the pool, visitors can take a culinary tour around the pool because there are many food vendors. There is also a goldfish pond that can be seen while enjoying culinary offerings.

No need to worry because around the pool there are huts that can be used by visitors to rest. There are also gardens that further beautify the Kasman Pool tourist area.

-14.”Culinary Tour at Garuda Duo-

If you want to enjoy the culinary specialties of Subulussalam, please stop by Garuda Duo. This restaurant is located on Jalan Teuku Umar Simpang Kiri, Subulussalam.

The Garuda Duo restaurant provides several menus of typical Subulussaman and Acehnese dishes and even Padang rice. In addition, there are other culinary offerings such as Egyptian martabak, soto rice, rice cakes and so on.

This restaurant not only provides delicious and clean food but also clean rooms that make visitors feel comfortable. This restaurant is open every day from 6 am to 6 pm. With a large parking area guaranteed not to make visitors crowded.

That was information about several tourist attractions in Subulussalam that are suitable for filling the holidays. If you have the opportunity to visit Subulussalam Aceh, then take the time to stop by the tourist attractions.

Because there is a lot of beauty that is a shame if you just miss it. In addition, you can gain insight and of course an unforgettable experience while in Subulussalam.

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