12 Photos of Lembang Milk Farmhouse: Ticket Prices, Attractions, Rides

Farmhouse Lembang is included in the top ranks of holiday destinations in Bandung. This tourist attraction that offers a unique tourist experience is always crowded with visitors every day, especially when the holidays arrive.

Farmhouse offers a tourist spot with a European-style integrated farm concept. Here you will feel the sensation of being in the countryside, farms or medieval-style farm areas.

The building designs are designed in such a way that it really supports the classic feel that is presented.

Lembang Dairy Farmhouse

Farmhouse Lembang Location and Ticket Prices

The address of this tourist attraction in Lembang is Jl. Raya Lembang No. 108, Bandung. To get to the location is not too difficult because the location of the Farmhouse is on the main road.

For those of you who depart from the direction of the city of Bandung, then you can get this tourist attraction approximately 2 kilometers before the center of Lembang city, this tourist attraction is located quite strategically and is affordable.

As a rule of thumb, so that you can find this farmhouse easily, you can mark the hut where Persib buses often park.

Route To Farmhouse Lembang

As mentioned above, the location of this farmhouse tourist attraction is quite strategic, so we can find it easily, whether it’s using private vehicles, public transportation or even online taxis. For more details, here are the route options to get to the Lembang Milk Farmhouse location:

-Route Using Private Vehicle-

Here’s a route that you can follow if you use a private vehicle

· For those of you who depart from the city of Bandung, then please direct your vehicle to the main road of the city of Bandung to the city of Lembang. · If you depart from Bandung via the toll road, then you have to exit the toll road from Pasteur gate, then to Jalan Sukajadi, Jalan Setiabudi, to Ledeng, then stay on that road until you find the Farm House Susu Lembang tour. · Another route that you can follow is, you can exit through the Baros Cimahi toll gate, then follow the alternative Cimahi road via Parongpong to Lembang. · For those of you who depart from Jakarta via the toll road, then you must enter the Cipularang Toll Road, then exit the Pasteur gate, then continue the journey to Jalan Sukajadi, and follow the instructions as above.

-Route Using Public Transportation-

Furthermore, you can also follow the following route or instructions for those using public transportation:

· For those of you who depart from Jakarta by train, then you have to get off at Bandung Station, then continue by taking an angkot that goes to Lembang Station or Ciroyom to Lembang. · If you take a bus, from Leuwipanjang terminal, you must take a city bus to Ledeng terminal, then take an angkot that goes to Lembang. · Meanwhile from Cicaheum terminal, use an angkot to Ledeng, then from Ledeng continue by using an angkot to Lembang. · Apart from using public transportation, you can also drive an online taxi, because now there are online taxis that reach this Farmhouse tourist attraction in Lembang.

Price of admission

For the price of admission to the Farmhouse you will be charged Rp. 25,000/person. Later the ticket that you hold can be exchanged for pure cow’s milk or grilled sausage.

· Motorcycle parking fee: Rp. 5,000 · Car parking fee: Rp. 10,000

Lembang Farmhouse Operating Hours

For those of you who are interested in having a vacation to this Farmhouse tourist attraction, you can come every day from Monday to Sunday, with opening times from 09.00 to 21.00 WIB.

For weekends, this attraction operates even longer, from 09.00 to 23.00 WIB. Usually on weekends the tourist attraction will be more crowded, therefore the manager opens it longer.

If you don’t like being too crowded, you can visit this farmhouse on weekdays, not on weekends or holiday seasons.

Phone number

For tourists who need more information, it can be related to operating hours, the latest ticket prices for Lembang Milk Farmhouse, Lembang Milk Farmhouse culinary menu prices and place reservations, then you can contact telephone service: +6222-82782400 or Anugrah: 081320922142, Nur: 087804847309.

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Lembang Farmhouse Facilities

What are the facilities at this farmhouse? To add to the excitement of vacationing, the manager has equipped this tourist attraction with various complete holiday supporting facilities, ranging from:

-1. Sausage and Pure Milk Exchange Area-

First there is a sausage and whole milk exchange, this place is the first spo when we enter a tourist attraction, you could say this outlet is a welcome drink in the sausage and whole milk exchange area.

What does that mean? So for those of you who have just entered, later 1 ticket that you have purchased will be availableyou can exchange it for 1 cup of delicious pure cow’s milk with many flavors, ranging from strawberry, mocha, vanilla or banana flavors.

For those of you who don’t want to exchange it for milk, you can also exchange your ticket for 1 delicious grilled sausage.

-2. Educational Tour-

This Lembang Dairy Farmhouse is famous as one of the educational attractions favored by parents. So a vacation here is not just for fun, because you can invite your children to learn at the same time.

No wonder so many school groups come here while doing study tours. In this place, tourists can enjoy a large garden area filled with lots of cute animals such as rabbits, iguanas, various types of birds and others.

Besides sightseeing, tourists are also allowed to directly interact with these animals, even touching or feeding them.

-3. Garden To Relax and Rest-

For those of you who need refreshing, then this farmhouse is perfect for making a choice for recreation with family. This place is perfect for relieving fatigue from work during the week.

You can relax while enjoying the facilities and rides available while relaxing. There are many spots that we can make as a relaxing area, there are wooden benches that are arranged naturally and comfortably under shady trees.

In addition, there are also lots of ornamental plants and flowers that can make our eyes more fresh when they see it. And no less important, the air here is still very fresh and clean, far from air pollution.

-4. Culinary tour-

In addition to recreation with various exciting rides, at this farmhouse you can also do culinary tours, you know. You can enjoy a variety of regional specialties. Here there is a culinary and food center in the Backyard Kitchen.

In this culinary center, tourists can try many delicious menus, ranging from steaks, salads, soups, and even various juices and coffee. You will be invited to enjoy this culinary while looking at the beautiful scenery from outside the window with a large glass.

Moreover, this Backyard Kitchen has an attractive interior architecture, very unique, so that it will make us more comfortable in it.

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-5. Shopping center-

The next facility at the Farmhouse is a shopping center that can offer various gifts and souvenirs that we can take home as gifts for relatives or neighbors later.

Tourists can find many souvenir shops for food, clothing, crafts and cute souvenir shops called Peony & Pine. Here you can buy a variety of cute knick-knacks to take as souvenirs.

-6. Prewedding and Wedding Locations-

This farmhouse is also often an option for couples who want to get married to do pre-wedding photos, and it is also often used as a place to hold a wedding party here.

This is of course because this farmhouse has a lot of cool European spots, also because the farmhouse area is large so many couples like to hold more memorable European-style Prewedding and Wedding photos.

Not only that, you know, because this farmhouse tourist attraction is also often used as an option to hold certain events, such as birthdays or office gatherings.

-7. Bathroom and Mosque-

This one facility is no less important, because if there is no toilet and prayer room we will find it difficult to pray for Muslims, so with this prayer room facility we do not need to go out of the farmhouse area to fulfill our obligations.

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Favorite Attraction in Farmhouse Lembang Bandung

This unique concept has made Farmhouse famous very quickly, not only in Bandung but throughout the country. Moreover, now is the era of social media, thanks to the Instagram photos uploaded by the visitors, the name Farmhouse immediately skyrocketed as the most desirable destination.

If you visit the Farmhouse, here is a list of the most popular spots that you must visit.

-1. Hobbit House-

Hobbit House at Farmhouse Susu Lembang, Bandung

The original Hobbit House is located in New Zealand, looks exactly like the one you’ve seen in the film, even today it’s still there and opened as a tourist spot to the public.

So, if you are curious about hobbit houses, you don’t have to go far to New Zealand, because Farmhouse has made a hobbit house whose design is very similar to the original, complete with thatched roof and distinctive round door.

If you come on a holiday, then you will see a lot of visitors queuing up to take pictures at this place.

Because indeed the hobbit house is one of the most photogenic spots in the Farmhouse. To make your photo semeven more interesting, you can also rent costumes that have been provided by the manager.

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-2. Traditional European Style House-

Traditional European Style House

Farmhouse Lembang Bandung elevates European culture as a concept that is presented to its visitors, so here you will find lots of European touches in terms of the architecture of the building. One of the most striking are the houses with traditional European classic designs.

The European houses in this Farmhouse are farmer’s houses in Europe that existed in the Middle Ages, namely the range of 1600 to 1900 AD which is better known as the Folkhouse.

This Folkhouse design was then adopted to create exotic buildings at Farmhouse Lembang.

Traditional European Style House via IG @brataindonesia

You can make this place as one of the good photo spots in the Farmhouse. To complete the nuances in your photos, here you can also rent traditional European peasant clothes that have been provided by the manager.

Besides that, you can also take pictures with the girls who are the guards of this European house. The rental price for 1 costume for 1 person is Rp. 50,000.

-3. Farmhouse Mini Zoo-

Farmhouse Mini Zoo via Kompas

After being satisfied with taking pictures in the antique and exotic buildings at Rumah Europe, you can take your children on a trip to the mini zoo at the Farmhouse.

You can invite visitors, especially children, to interact directly with the animals. Some of the animals that can be found here include sheep, rabbits, cows, mini hedgehogs, and iguanas.

The visitors will be accompanied by professional zoo keepers, so you don’t have to worry about your little ones when traveling around this Farmhouse Mini Zoo.

-4. Classical Cafe-

Classic Cafe

At Farmhouse Lembang Bandung, there are also several places for unique culinary delights, one of which might tantalize your eyes is the classic cafe at the Farmhouse.

This cafe is designed in such a way that it presents a classic feel that is very neat to be used as a place to hang out as well as take photos.

You can choose several types of cafe based on the place, there is a classic indoor cafe, outdoor cafe, and the most popular is the roof top cafe where you can enjoy culinary offerings from the roof while enjoying all the views at the farmhouse.

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-5. Mini Waterfall-

Mini Waterfall

Here there is also a mini waterfall which is an artificial waterfall which is located around the entrance of the farmhouse. The mini waterfall is decorated with plants and rocks around it, don’t forget to take selfies nearby.

-6. Flower garden-

Flower garden

A large flower garden with a variety of beautiful flowers also adorns this famrhouse. Here you will be presented with a collection of flowers that are neatly arranged and beautiful so that they are very instagramable.

With the cool and fresh air of the mountains, making this beautiful flower garden even more beautiful, your eyes will definitely be stunned to see it.

-7. Love Padlock-

Love Lock

For you drakes, you must be familiar with the love lock at Namsan Tower, right? There’s also this farmhouse, so you don’t have to go all the way to Korea.

This love lock is usually the target of married couples or young couples to pair a lock by writing their partner’s name, so that their feelings are locked like the lock. You can buy the padlock at the nearest store, Gembok Cinta.

-8. Tourist Attractions and European-Style Costume Rentals-

European Style Costume Rental via Rayadventure

It’s incomplete to go to this farmhouse without capturing photos wearing European-style costumes. You have to capture every moment here by using this European-style costume.

Tourists can get European-style Holland costumes that have been provided by Farmhouse, you will have to take pictures in front of a unique European-style building, in front of a hobbit house or with cute animals in the mini zoo. To rent these costumes, you can rent them for IDR 75,000 per hour.

Vacation Tips to Farmhouse Lembang

For those of you who want to visit this Lembang Farmhouse, you must read the following tips to make your vacation here more enjoyable, including:

· For those of you who don’t like places that are too crowded, then you should visit this hit tourist spot in Bandung on weekdays, avoid coming here on holidays or weekends, because it will be crowded by tourists. · It feels incomplete to go to this farmhouse without capturing the moment by taking pictures or making videos, so fromSo, pay attention to the weather when you come here, try when the weather is sunny, yes, to get good shots, come in the morning or evening. · For those of you who have a limited budget, you should come with a full stomach, because the menu offered here is quite expensive. · In order to save more costs, you can come here by choosing a tour package that is usually provided by a Tour and Travel agent.

So that’s our explanation about Farmhouse Lembang Bandung. A few tips for those of you who intend to visit this Farmhouse tourist attraction, it is highly recommended to come in the morning so that you are satisfied to enjoy all the existing rides.

Try to fully refuel your vehicle, because along Jalan Setiabudhi to Lembang there are no gas stations, as well as from the Farmhouse to the city of Lembang. Always provide umbrellas and jackets because this vacation spot is very often washed down in the afternoon.